A lawyer of Trump emphasizes that the payment to Stormy Daniels did not violate the laws of electoral campaign

Published 05/04/2018 22:24:12 CET


Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and attorney for US President Donald Trump, said on Friday that the payment of $ 130,000 to the porn act Stephanie Clifford in exchange for a confidentiality pledge did not violate election campaign laws.

"The payment was made to resolve a personal and false accusation with the aim of protecting the president's family," the Washington Post newspaper reported in a statement.

Thus, he stressed that "it would have been done in any other case, whether candidate or not." Giuliani revealed on Wednesday that the president paid his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, $ 130,000 that was used to make a transfer to the actress, known as Stormy Daniels.

Clifford says he had a sexual relationship with the tycoon in 2006 and that five years later, after he contacted a revisit to discuss the issue, a man approached her in a parking lot to threaten her.

On Thursday, Trump himself explained that he reached an agreement before the elections with the pornography scan to avoid "false and extortionate accusations" about an alleged extramarital affair and denied that campaign funds were used.

Trump, who has always denied Clifford's version of an alleged encounter in 2006, responded on Twitter to the wave of speculation about the circumstances in which Cohen paid the actress in exchange for her silence.

The president argued in a series of 'tweets' that Cohen received "a monthly advance" from which the money was extracted. "It's not from the campaign and it has nothing to do with the campaign," he said, denying the diversion of both his team's and donor's funds.

"These agreements are very common among famous and rich people, in this case, it is in full force and will be used in arbitration against Clifford," he added to justify the "private contract between two parties" signed a few weeks before the November elections. 2016

Trump stressed that the agreement was aimed at "stopping false and extortionate accusations", which apparently would continue despite the fact that there already existed a "detailed letter" in which "it was admitted that there was no relationship whatsoever".


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