Police seized nearly five tons of cocaine during the investigation Sito's network of Miñanco

The Central Narcotics Brigade of the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police yesterday celebrated its 50th anniversary in two ways: with a solemn ceremony attended by the King and the dismantling of the network that Jose Ramon Prado Bugallo, Sito Miñanco, probably the capo the most important cocaine in the history of Spain, had woven since 2015 began to enjoy the open regime supposedly to work as a watchman in a parking Algeciras. The investigation, which has lasted for more than two years, ended yesterday with about 40 detainees in Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia, including the kingpin of the organization; his deputy, the Colombian Enrique García Arango, alias Quique; Somoza Ramiro Nunez, another historical Galician drug trafficking; David Pérez Lago, Laureano Oubiña stepson and a daughter Miñanco. What is striking, and demonstrates the level of criminal Prado Bugallo, it is to have been able to maintain privileged contacts with Colombian drug lords despite having spent 16 years behind bars. Not only they trust him; so they respected and so work with your organization. It's more; most reputable sources consulted by ABC explained that when he was still in prison Miñanco was able to organize drug trafficking operations. Dome of the organization The same is true of his right hand, the Colombian Enrique García Arango, arrestee in Madrid, who like his boss has spent long years in prison, precisely for drug shipment supervised by Miñanco. In his country he maintained very useful relationships for the network and therefore their work was essential. As for Somoza Ramiro Nunez was arrested in Villagarcia de Arosa, he has been convicted of being the head of a cache of 1,500 kilos of cocaine seized in 2003 aboard a ship in the Atlantic. This triumvirate forms the top of the organization, but also striking that among the detainees be David Pérez Lago, stepson of historical Laureano Oubiña, former owner of Pazo Bayón. Pérez Lago, according to sources, would be going through difficulties and that was the reason why he decided to join the organization Sito Miñanco, whom he knew for a long time. It would have provided boatmen, who are responsible for making the final transport from the ship on which the drug travels to the coast. Finally, the daughter of the main capo is accused of laundering operations. The unarticulated plot shared risk organized transport cocaine Colombian Cartel, but not limited to that. According to research, in shipments also they included his merchandise, so if the first wanted to introduce two tons Miñanco network included more of his property. So he made sure exponentially increase profit and complicity of the cartels, who saw the Spaniards shared with them the risk that losses would. Sito Miñanco not focused its activity in a single transport network but oversaw several "business" at a time, which gives an idea of ​​their ability. a couple of months the police intervened in the group next to a boat with water Portugal 4000 kilos of cocaine and other operations conducted in the Netherlands, about 700 more. Now arrests result from those operations. Once the cocaine arrived in Spain cocaine was stored in warehouses that the organization had both Galicia and Madrid. These buildings were guarded by Bulgarian citizens, machacas of the criminal network, to avoid other bands theft or other unpleasant surprises. Also in the cast properties of the goods it was done. The next step was the laundering of profits. To do Sito Miñanco controlled many societies, sometimes intermediaries, who used to make the necessary financial engineering to launder the drug money. The sources consulted by ABC emphasize that this is a very complex investigation by the security measures adopted suspects. Of wiretaps has not achieved any results, since communications were always face to face. For this bonnets made multiple trips. In addition, decipher the corporate network has also been a complicated job. The operation was directed by the judge of the Audiencia Nacional Carmen Lamela, head of the Central Court 3 of instruction. She decided the day to do the operation. Yesterday, many of the 120 men and women of the Central Narcotics Brigade or might be in the act of the 50th anniversary to be of service. Don Felipe did not forget them in the toast, in addition to remember the two wounded GEOS during the arrests. Details of a historic service A modest vigilante with Miñanco Sito BMW X6 supposedly life as caretaker of a parking Algeciras, perimitió work you get the open regime in 2015. But behind that modest life hid their earned transfers aboard a brand new BMW X6, meals in good restaurants and travel with his girlfriend, the last, on Saturday, to Madrid. Murder in Colombia Eloy Quiros, Commissioner General of the Judicial Police, said yesterday that the band was "very strong and dangerous." The investigation has crossed a murder of a type held in Spain with a couple of kilos of cocaine to the organization paid the bail. After leaving prison he was paid trip to Colombia. There he was killed. They were afraid they were of the tongue. Nearly five tons confiscated during the operation Mito -Receives that name because, indeed, the goal was the network of a mythical character of drug trafficking in Spain have been seized nearly five tons of cocaine: 4000 makes an ar months aboard a sailboat in the Atlantic, and another 700 in the Netherlands. Yesterday's arrests are the culmination of those services.


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