DS7 Crossback: thoroughly test the new icon of French luxury

Few cars have aroused much excitement as the new DS7 Crossback, the first car with DNA "DS hundred percent." Care, elegant and innovative design, is putting gala DS, the new brand luxury Galo conglomerate PSA, and have had the opportunity to be one of the first media to thoroughly test the vehicle after its presentation, last fall. The acronym DS inherited the legendary "shark" of the 50s, turned on the news in 2009 when they were born as a division within Citroën to shelter finishes higher-end brand gala. Five years later, in 2014, became independent as its own brand, but it has not been until now when it has reached the road the DS7 Crossback, the first vehicle designed and developed entirely by and for the DS, and quite apart from Citroën, though maintaining technology group, such as EMP2 modular platform. The interior, like the exterior, is attention to detail. Leather and precious materials abound in our unit, with the level of equipment Opera. The Opera one of five finishes of the range, along with the Bastille, Rivoli, Faubourg and Sports Performance Line. The final touch is one BRM chronograph located in the central panel, rotating 180 degrees by actuating the ignition, immediately below. It is an unusual arrangement, something that happens with almost all instrumentation, and it costs a little getting used to. The controls of the windows, for example, and opening and central locking, are located on both sides of the shift lever. His touch, however, is good and solid, like that of all the interior shots. A huge 12-inch touchscreen chairs the dashboard and gives access to the Infotainment system, while another screen, slightly larger, replaces the traditional instrument cluster behind the wheel. This second screen can be customized to suit the driver, offering everything from the most basic -only speed and temperature- to a complete path information and route maps included. It also allows viewing, at night, the images captured by the infrared camera installed on the front, which allows to avoid any obstacles on the road in conditions of low visibility. This camera is one of many dynamic aids incorporating the DS7 Crossback a technologically car also fits between the current segment leaders. Connected Pilot DS system, which is controlled by a lever under the steering wheel, combines technologies such as vehicle maintenance assistant in the lane, with two options, to drive through the center or side, leaving room for motorcycles or bicycles atasco- case, adaptive cruise control or assistant capable of gridlock, which allows to follow the inmediantamente previous vehicle during a traffic jam. Our test unit is powered by a 180hp diesel engine BlueHDi, more than enough power for any situation, and you can get an extra performance through Sport driving mode which adds even sound very deportivo- or maintain in installments of low consumption of about 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers-with the Comfort, Normal and Eco modes. it is associated with an automatic transmission torque converter EAT8 that by their behavior, something sharp in lower gears, it is at least bright moving vehicle, the DS7 Crossback known for her poise and comfort in all kinds of ways, with no bump in the road from entering the passenger compartment. Here comes back into play technology, specifically the DS Scan Active Suspension System, which records the undulations and Bachos the ground at a distance of five meters and prepares the vehicle to overcome [Read after video]. It also highlights the nobility of their behavior: it although our unit was -the front wheel drive version with all-wheel drive, thanks to two electric motors on the rear wheels get, will not arrive until 2019, and outfitting summer tires, could smoothly overcome some of the heavy snow that covered the Sierra de Madrid in late January. The truth is, in short, waiting to meet the first real DS has paid off: the DS7 Crossback is a car up to your expectations, and the related high-end segment. And at very competitive price: 44,150 euros our test unit, compared to 31,950 of the 52,750 less equipped and the top end unit.


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