Abigail and Brittany, the two-headed conjoined twins who have become teachers of mathematics

Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel are conjoined twin bicefálicas born in Carver County (Minnesota, USA), March 7, 1990. In other words, Abby and Britty, as they call them in private, have two heads and two spines that are attached to the pelvis. Beyond this physical peculiarity, his life is not much different from other people his age. Abby and Britty like to travel, play sports, go to the movies or go out with friends. UNCA barrier they have in this regard is that, throughout its 27 years, have had to agree on a few things. He has left with no choice but despite being more different than we can imagine in terms of their personalities, tastes and even height: 1.47 meters and measures Brittany Abigail, 1.57. Beyond that, of course, that each handle one hand. Among the important things among which they have had to agree figure some as important as their studies or future employment. It is true that when they were small, each had their own aspirations, but upon reaching adolescence entusiasmándose the twins ran for teaching. After a few years they graduated from the University of Bethel as primary teachers specializing in mathematics. Now, the Hensel sisters just got his first job as teachers of a group of fifth graders. An important achievement that students can serve as an example in terms of their attitude to life and overcoming the physical difficulties that have presented themselves along the way. "I do not think there's anything that Abby and Britty can not achieve if you really propose it," said the director of the school where the twins, Paul Good work. "Providing that children, especially those who are struggling, it's very special. It is to learn from an example of life, "he added.


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