Salvatore Adamo: "It's easy to look macho"

Some people are lucky, that all life is thrown out of work and only life devoting himself to his favorite hobby win. Salvatore Adamo is the big one, a man who has lived and lives of his love for music and his love for love. His days of glory in those seventies who became so mad at quinceañeras as retired, maybe longer remain somewhat distant. But 53 years after its debut, the artist Comiso (Italy) remains a vocal prodigy with an intact ability to thrill any stalls that put him ahead. Monday, the author of songs like "Falling Snow", "Night", "A lock of your hair" or "Tenez vous good" ( "My great night" in the Spanish version, which Raphael could not help trying to appropriate ) will take the stage of the Teatro Nuevo Apolo (21h., € 52) to prove it. You've done an intense promotion in Spain. How was your reunion with our country? I'm surprised that you continue keeping me in mind, despite the time I've been away. I am very excited. -¿El last year promised a new album in Spanish, what happened? Yes, I said it. But far he not recorded anything in Spanish ago, and it's costing me started. I think that this year will be the time. -Has updated his songwriting over the years? -I try. For example, I have a new song about the Internet. I think it was his fault we can not hide anything, there is a kind of higher authority that knows everything about us, that makes you feel like you're naked down the street. 'You manage social networks? Well I do not, I admit, haha! I have never written a "tweet". I have a Facebook profile, but only use it very occasionally, to pay homage to the great artists who are dying, for example. Only for really important things. 'And as for the romantic song, what has changed? -Some new music styles are very aggressive, and do not speak the most beautiful side of love, like a fussiness. I think the tenderness now expressed with much modesty. But youth need tenderness, it is something that comforts a lot, something we should not refuse. His old songs used to talk about torturous love, but now it seems more optimistic about the master composer. -If so. In the sixties it was suffering, but with age my songs have become more tender and sedate. Luckily I no longer suffer so much hahaha! Did you ever been told that his song is sexist? 'Yes, it has also been on this trip to Spain. Someone told me that "my great night" has a letter a little sexist, and I was very surprised. It's a song I wrote in the sixties, when things are perhaps chauvinistic said today, but then were pure innocence, I promise. I'm noticing that there is a lot of tension with that topic lately. Now be careful with every word you put in a song. If you're not careful, it's easy to look like a macho composer. I think his concert in Madrid will be more movidito of what people might expect. -Yes! My intention is to revive the spirit of the old guateques sixties, the concert is dynamic and danceable, fun. I have many ideal songs for the night is a big party.


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