The slip of Chicle ending five hundred days on the trail of Diana Quer

It all started in two Pincheiros do Carme Festival in coruñesa town of A Pobra do Caramiñal. Diana Quer, a Madrid 19 year old not returned home after attending with some friends to the verbena night of August 22. The next morning jumped all alarms: his last message to some friends in Madrid referred to in his return walk home would have bullied someone saying "morena come here." In the hours following the disappearance raids in the nearby mountains were activated, without the slightest trace was found. Agents decreed the disappearance as high risk. And half the initial uproar, broke the parental dispute over custody of Valeria, the youngest daughter of the marriage-divorced for several years, which added to the drama of the disappearance countless -e innecesarios- details on family life . Initial hopes of Diana Lopez-Pinel to find his daughter alive contrasted with realistic pessimism of her ex-husband, Juan Carlos Quer. The reconstruction of events was outlining a first account of the facts. The stroke of 2.30am Diana said goodbye to his friends in the center of A Pobra and a few minutes later two witnesses saw her walking in front of a pizzeria located at the end of the urban core. It was the only route back to his home, which suggested that his intention was to return on foot, as her mother had communicated through a message. Diana not told any of her friends who had an appointment with anyone. Nor he was carrying money or your identity card, even if your copy of house keys, so the hypothesis gained strength someone crossed her path unexpectedly. The first relevant point in the investigation it marked the motive of Diana. Telephone poles detected a movement at high speed from A Pobra to the bridge over the estuary towards Padrón by the Barbanza motorway. There the signal is extinguished after the depletion of the battery. The immediate conclusion is that it was in a vehicle. Under the bridge, in the mud a mariscador found in mid-October iPhone 6 young. But his belated analysis invalid conclusions: Diana did not know her captor had not talked to any unknown number. In the first weeks of investigation, two people reported seeing the missing mounted in a car with a man "of sleazy" in the port of Taragoña, about 15 kilometers from the point where the connection is lost with the girl. This research took several weeks of work, but did not lead to anything. It came to be identified even a man-and he took statements up on a couple of occasions, but was never qualified as a suspect for lack of evidence. The researchers did not know, but had just given her gum. Taragoña appears in the impossible equation of the disappearance. This parish of the town of Rianxo is under the focus of the Guardia Civil and screened to the millimeter all their homes. It is believed that in a house in the area may have answers to the case. And there were in the home of one of his neighbors, Jose Enrique Abuín. UCO agents and Judicial Police begin to shape a police investigation is complicated at times. mobile they scoured associated with passing vehicles on the environment schedule the disappearance of the young by the bridge over the estuary. The results are dispiriting: telephone connections in the thousands. Surveillance cameras Pobra added nothing, and the highway are shown as useless at night: just capture moving headlights. What I wore was the door to door agents task. Collating names and information is shaping the prime suspects, some of them with a history. They even pricking mobile phones and track vehicles, which did not bear fruit at all. In total, more than two hundred witnesses and reviewed thousands of tuition and phones. In April this year the judge instructing the case Ribeira decided temporarily for lack of evidence checking it against anyone. In the ensuing silence, the investigation never stopped and since August had his marked suspect. The slip of Bubblegum Christmas Eve was his undoing.


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