The president of the Consell de Mallorca, "Catalan is our greatest collective contribution to humanity '

"We want to be a country proud of our language -the Catalan, our greatest collective contribution to humanity." These words are part of the speech delivered Friday by the president of the Consell de Mallorca, the ecosoberanista MÉS Miquel Ensenyat, during the official ceremony held on the occasion of the commemoration of the National Day of Mallorca. This year this event takes place for the first time on December 31, replacing the traditional 12 September. They have attended the event held this afternoon at the Teatro Principal in Palma various civil and ecclesiastical authorities of the Community. Including the vice president of the Balearic Government, the Bel Busquets also ecosoberanista; President of the Balearic Parliament, Baltasar 'Balti' Picornell, Podemos; or the bishop of Mallorca, Monsignor Sebastia Taltavull. It is recalled that the Mallorca governs in this term tripartite formed by the PSOE, and can MÉS. Throughout his speech, Ensenyat has also defended the need for a "full normalization" of Catalan in Mallorca in order to ensure "continuity between future generations." He also expressed his hope that he can live "fully in Catalan" in the framework of a multilingual society, with no other language can be threatened by that reason. With respect to the direction of the Diada de Mallorca, the island's president has said that this commemoration "the imposition of one culture over the other" is not celebrated, referring to the Christian and Muslim, but "birth" is celebrated the people of Mallorca, "a people who are self-aware and is proud of who he is and having the flag of peace, multiculturalism and progress." Not to mention explicitly Catalonia, Ensenyat also said that all groups in the world should be "free membership". Ensenyat has also advocated the vision of an open society. "We do not believe in the impositions, nor in the exclusives: Mallorcan feel is compatible with any other identity and even more of an identity," he stressed. On the other hand, in more political terms, it has alluded to the need for an "advanced democracy and a remote transparent institutions of corruption that too often plagues our land." "Right" assuming decide Regardless of the commemoration of the National Day of Mallorca, the Balearic capital is also these holidays, because Palma hosts a year one of the oldest civil celebrations of Europe, the "Festa de l ' Estendard "(" Party Banner "). Historically, the meaning of this commemoration is to pay another tribute to the figure of King James I of Aragon, who along with his troops liberated the island city of the Muslim domination the last day of 1229. This event has slowly been losing its character politically neutral celebration to become a party today marked by the confrontation between constitutionalists formations or entities on the one hand and on the other sovereignists. In its current configuration, the "Party Banner" of Palma lasts three days. Thus, the traditional opening speech reading takes place each December 29, while the wreath at the statue of Jaime I held on December 30. Finally, each December 31 cuatribarrado banner is placed in the center of the Plaza de Cort -headquarters del Ayuntamiento, is then attends Mass at the Cathedral and finally delivered the distinctions that each year gives the consistory. Indeed, on Friday took place in the hall of the City Council of Palma reading the opening speech at a ceremony that was presided over by the mayor of the city, the ecosoberanista MÉS Antoni Noguera. The text was read by the founder of the Balearic Mathematics Society, Josep Lluís Pol. This proclamation has dealt essentially on how they have fixed or determined the passage of time different cultures and the relationship of that fact with Palma. At the end of his speech he referred Pol, however, the alleged "right" to decide who would have the people. "Is not it quite clear that no one owns the earth and that what we call states are just a crust badly healed of a string of wars and abuse? Is not it time for the fundamental right of any people to decide about himself without resorting to violence? 'Recognition, he wondered.


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