The pardon granted by Fujimori Kuczynski does not exempt from charges for the killing of Pativilca

The killing of Pativilca where six farmers were killed in the nineties overshadows the near future of pardoned former President Alberto Fujimori Fujimori because judicial deadlines were not met to be forgiven. Despite it is having been discharged from hospital last Wednesday 27, Fujimori (1990-2000) still interned in the "Centenario" clinic, where he arrived emergency. In communication with ABC, the National Penitentiary Institute said that Fujimori has no arrest warrant against him because he was pardoned in the case of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta, and was given the right of pardon, in the killing of Pativilca. As reported by ABC Attorney, Cesar Landa, there is a pending hearing in the Judiciary requested by the lawyer of the victims of the Fujimori government, Gloria Cano, where it will settle whether the injunction against Fujimori is not lifted or and this end, the process of killing Pativilca be reviewed. "The pardons may be revised, if they do not meet American standards and conventions. The presidential pardon is not an arbitrary act, not a decision of the president because he is president like a monarch. Now we are a republic, all acts must be countersigned based on legal and constitutional mandates, "said Attorney Cesar Landa. "Having an indictment in the case Pativilca, the validity of the pardon at a hearing of Collegiate B of the National Criminal Court of the Judiciary will be reviewed. Is to determine whether a pardon is valid or invalid, "he added, as he said" should be checked if the case was extreme in terms of health with the right to justice for victims of the massacre of Pativilca. The lawyer for the victims, Gloria Cano, told ABC has asked the judiciary to be sustained because the president closes the process of killing Pativilca, and there step by step to doctors determine if he was elected fairly and If the case Pativilca processes were followed. "The Peruvian court will not be able to file the Pativilca case and no one thought that before asking to be filed, the arrest warrant was canceled, Fujimori can not leave the clinic, because they designed bad case of Pativilca" story ABC, former attorney and criminal lawyer, Cesar Azabache. "In the Pativilca case, the authorization of the Supreme Court of Chile to prosecute Alberto Fujimori was issued in February 2017, then you should wait for 24 months Article 202.4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1940 says; this process was not fulfilled. How is called the story ?: Pardoned (Fujimori) can not leave the clinic, "he said Azabache. ABC tried unsuccessfully that the Ministry of Justice confirmed to have delivered the file in which the exculpation against Alberto Fujimori Fujimori where clemency was granted in the case of the massacres of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta is based, and the right of pardon in the killing Pativilca. The "Colina" group of soldiers led by Major Santiago Martin Rivas who during the Fujimori government committed extrajudicial killings, were first decorated for his services to the country, then processed and finally pardoned by former ruler. In Barrios Altos, the Colina group killed 16 people, including a child 8 years; La Cantuta murdered nine students and a professor while in Pativilca (located north of the country) were murdered tortured and burned six farmers. The Colina group justified their behavior by pointing out that the victims were members of the terrorist group "Sendero Luminoso" by Maoist and was directed by Abimael Guzman since 1980, the year he declared war on the Peruvian state.


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