The government only leaves out the CUP in his first contacts with the separatists

The dates for the constituent session of the new Catalan Parliament will be on Wednesday, 17 January, Mariano Rajoy announced yesterday at the Palacio de la Moncloa. The announcement itself is part of the exceptional situation in Catalonia, since Article 155 of the Constitution applied to restore legality in this community. The Prime Minister, who assumed the duties of president of the Generalitat and delegated to the vice president, has the authority to convene the first session. From there it will run the clock at the inauguration of a new president, or to repeat elections, if no agreement is reached. The Government has contacted in recent days with political groups that have achieved representation in the new parliament after the elections of 21-D. He has just left out of these discussions to the CUP. Specifically, it has been the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, which has spoken with political representatives. Among his partners was the secretary general of ERC, Marta Rovira, and the spokesmen of this party and PDECat in Congress, Joan Tardà and Carles Campuzano, respectively. Government sources claimed that this first dialogue with the separatists was "fluid" and everyone seemed appropriate date of January 17 for the establishment of 'Parlament'. The President's intention is to keep the channel open for dialogue, "always within the law." Yesterday, during the balance of the year in La Moncloa, again reaching out to the separatists in the new stage that can be opened in Catalonia: "The Government of Spain wants to offer its full cooperation and all the best will for constructive dialogue, open and realistic, always within the law, the Government is constituted in Catalonia to solve the problems of the citizens of Catalonia. " Rajoy expects a Catalan government as soon as possible, but warned that "not fit more appeals to rupture or illegality." He recalled that the law will not allow it, and they can not claim majority support of society to maintain "that derives so pernicious." If the escape of former independence follow the same path that led them to the separatist coup, the answer will be the same: the rule of law and "the serenity of Spanish society." "The logic and reason it would not return to test them," he said. At the press conference after the balance press, Rajoy was asked by the intention of Puigdemont, eloped in Belgium for not responding to justice, to present their candidacy telematically, or even trying to be president at a distance. "No I'm going to give a legal but common sense answer. It is absurd to be president of a community living abroad, "he said. Rajoy, who asked a little more wisdom and common sense, resorted to irony to reflect the absurdity of the idea: "Imagine I was located in Lisbon." After the constituent session of Parliament, in which the seven members of the Bureau are elected, within 10 business days open for the president of the Chamber propose the nomination of a candidate for President of the Generalitat. If in a first debate the candidate fails absolute majority, a second ballot would be held 48 hours later, which would be worth a simple majority. If not leave the candidate invested a maximum period of two months would be opened to elect a president. For it was impossible to hold elections would become. Deadlines are important, since the measures implemented under 155 are valid until the formation of a new government in Catalonia, which, as seen, it may take even months to produce.


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