The Civil Guard watched closely from summer stopped by the "case Diana '

A stroke of luck backed by thousands of hours of meticulous investigation. A connection between cases has not gone unnoticed. And above all, an unexpected slip. This series of premises could depend on the decision of one of the most enigmatic disappearances in recent years, the young Diana Quer, on 22 August 2016. Eighteen months after he lost the trail in A Pobra do Caramiñal (La Coruna), agents of UCO in collaboration with the coruñesa Judicial Police placed Friday shackles Jose Enrique Abuín, alias "chicle", 41, a camel Rianxo with police records for raping his sister among half a dozen, and they followed the steps discreetly since the summer. His wife was also arrested. Despite this control, the researchers needed more solid than those who had already accumulated evidence since the case was dismissed since April. "Chewing Gum", which had been questioned by the disappearance of Diana, was entrusted by the elapsed with no apparent progress in the investigation time and Christmas Day evening approached a young woman in Boiro -very close to A Pobra-. The woman reported how a man who described without hesitation snatched the phone and forced her at knifepoint to get into the trunk of his car. The intervention of two young men, who witnessed the scene and the cries of the girl foiled the attempted kidnapping but the mecha, for agents, and was running. The person who described the complainant conceded the number one suspect profile case Diana, a neighbor of Taragoña who was in the spotlight from the start and, with particular interest, since the summer. According to sources close to the case, the detainee was being closely monitored by a discrete group of civil guards since last August. They knew that the man had been in A Pobra night of the disappearance of Diana; They knew their physical appearance that could have induced the girl to think it was gypsy (as he wrote in his last message mobile); He was arrested in 2005 for raping his sister but apparently was not convicted because the alibi provided by his wife, and another important thing: a witness said he saw a car owned by you or used by him that night in the area that Diana's trail was lost. Now arrested profile fits perfectly with the portrait that had set the Guardia Civil, but "must try" as research sources insist. The officers had established thousands of crosses of all those telephone numbers that were connected to the three repeaters that did the moving of the girl before her captor threw the phone from the bridge of Taragoña. In theory, a mobile used by 'Bubblegum' position must have been in those same antennas, although this data is kept secret. The arrested for the attempted kidnapping of Boiro, matter for which will be brought to justice at first, is an "old acquaintance in the area" dedicated to drug business-now was low in a conservera- company and who knows life behind bars. Has a daughter four years ago he moved to Taragoña, where he bought a house, and the morning of the disappearance was, as said, under the same parties he attended Diana. According to some sources, his presence there was because his wife's family has a food stall at the fair. The Civil Guard, when he had on his radar, he asked for the night, not only to him but also to Rosa, his wife. She apparently told officers that morning that Jose Enrique and she did not separate. But it was not the first time he was lying to protect him. Analysis of vehicles roamed the area that morning was another pillar of the investigation, since not even had a specific brand and model, but several were handled. The researchers believe that night was used to abduct Diana (based on unsharp images captured by multiple cameras) corresponds to one of those related to the detainee: an Alfa Romeo and Fiat Bravo. All these analyzes are ongoing pending the results of the search of the home of detainees. The couple has a daughter twelve years. According to neighbors, he spends most of his time with his grandparents. Although hard profile over the -a day be fulfilled the quinientos- may have destroyed any sample, research in mind now that Diana could leave Pobra in the trunk of a car, a scenario that so far not had raised and that opens the door to blame for the disappearance is one person, the same that would have undone mobile girl passing through the bridge Taragoña. The couple was taken in the morning Padron first quarter and early in the afternoon to the headquarters of La Coruna in separate cars for questioning. Given the profile of -a arrested who were arrested in 2007 with two kilos of cocaine in his house it is not expected to cooperate in the investigation.


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