The Campos in New York: "Prepare the book that I will not stop '

The family Campos Campos copar TV schedule again, this time with a new program on Telecinco that follows the mother with her two daughters running around New York. The three big women through the most exclusive parts of the city including discussing, talking, remembering and fighting like girls together sometimes. "The Fields" began with the three fields in her living room. Sitting in an armchair, the matriarch, and the two daughters of franqueándola foot. Maria Teresa Campos, in a solemn tone and great speech, reviewed the year now ending in all fields. Nothing was left in the inkwell to the fields, nor the situation that is going through Catalonia. Also he took the opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2018 to all viewers before heading to the airport. Barajas began the problems with billing, tickets and luggage. After several delays and misunderstandings the Campos family boarded the plane at the last minute miracle and already looking forward to getting to New York. "Last notice to the passenger Maria Teresa Campos for your flight bound for New York" was heard from the speakers from the airport. Once on the plane they followed the troubles and problems, because something had to fill the nearly two hour program. First, Terelu and Carmen Borrego discussed as small for them who would sit at the window girls. Each seat already in place, Carmen confessed the terrible fear you feel when you have to be mounted on a plane: "I start to medicate three days earlier. I'm now a little doped. " They had not yet taken off when he was saying that "if I could I would go down now and I would smoke a cigarette." However, the nerves seemed to calm down slowly with the prospect of what awaited them in New York. "Go preparing the checkbook that will not stop," she warned one of the daughters of the matriarch. As soon as they stepped onto American soil, Campos began a path of luxury and extravagance that led them to tour the most expensive in New York stores. A personal shopper accompanied for a while at Campos, leading them to some of the most exclusive shops of Fifth Avenue. Antelas cameras, Terelu and Carmen were ooking bags, dresses, shoes and jewelry then promptly charged to the account of his mother. They visited, among others, the legendary jeweler Tiffany appearing in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Little more he made the Campos family in New York, regaining strength by eating hot dogs before returning to Spain.


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