So parties violate accounting standards

Two thirds of the political parties represented have not passed the examination of the Court of Auditors in 2014 and 2015. In 20 of the 30 political formations subject to audit the annual accounts for the financial year 2014 provisos, while in 2015 were 19 out of 30. These irregularities assume that "the financial statements do not adequately reflect the financial and equity situation" of most matches, according to the latest watchdog report. Formations that have been suspended are Aralar, citizens, coalition's Compromís Coalition EH Bildu Federation EH Bildu, Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, Eusko Alkartasuna, Izquierda Unida and Aragonese Party (Cs and Federation EH Bildu in 2015, the rest in both years). Among the irregularities presented Citizens, the Court of Auditors highlights some donations in kind of 14,371.16 euros. It is' certain electoral invoices issued on behalf of the party "who were paid by" third parties ", which" violates the provisions of Article 4.3 of the Organic Law on Financing of Political Parties. " The watchdog warns formation Albert Rivera: "The assumption by third parties, party expenditures could constitute a punishable irregularity '. Revenues of the major parties - ABC Meanwhile, Izquierda Unida still present the report on the results of the audit of internal control, although it is required by law. Federal neither IU nor their federations bring him except that of Valencia. The Court of Auditors also detracts from the leftist formation that does not declare in the consolidated balance "all parties and groups that constitute the political formation IU." They have not identified public officials and donors who contributed to the Federation of Madrid 286,094.79 euros. The party also made nineteen cash payments for amounts exceeding 2,500 euros, banned for parties and for any citizen or company. Meanwhile, Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya mandatory report also presents the audit of internal control, which is a punishable irregularity. Other formations passed the exam itself incurred several caveats, such as PP and PSOE. Cash payments The first cash payment six payments totaling 99,220 euros, while the PSOE was 12,625 euros in 2104 and another 12,300 in 2015. The Socialists are also alleges a donation of individual in Guipúzcoa amounting to 41,000 euros which it was not notified to the Court of Auditors. In the Regional Executive Committee of Valencia loans from different individuals and legal entities are collected by 160,000 euros that have not been returned after the expiration. Almost all parties violate the rule of not mixing revenue. Donations must be received in a single account that can not be registered other income, such as membership fees or contributions from public office. As for Podemos, 43,250.56 euros recorded in 2014 in 1,311 donors identified the party "only with the name of the individual without stating their identity card, which is a breach of Article 4.2 of the LOFPP" stresses the Court of counts. The training runs Pablo Iglesias received in March 2014 two private donations from a person and his company of 15,000 euros each. They were entered into the account of ordinary operation, but coincided with the campaign for the European elections, and campaigning is not legal to donate more than ten thousand euros. As for the extinct Union and UPyD "it has not been possible to issue an opinion on the financial statements" for lack of information. 2014 accounts and 2015 Received public 463 million during 2014 and 2015 political parties represented admitted 466,238,013 euros of public money. These items are divided into two subsidies, recurrent expenditure (333 million) and election campaigns (about 134 million). In private income 118 million euros were noted. Should banks 233 million debt matches with credit institutions at the end of 2015 amounted to 233.28 million euros, 20 percent more than a year earlier, when it was 193.92 million euros. An important part of this debt had mortgage, 117.63 million in 2014 and 130.81 in 2015. We can, leader in donations formation headed by Pablo Iglesias was the party that received more donations in 2015 with nearly 1.8 million euros, more than double the PP. We can not charge a fee to its affiliates, recorded these revenues mainly through "crowdfunding" (421,189 euros) and direct debit payments (1,027,570). Unió, CiU and ICV in technical bankruptcy The Court of Auditors has found several formations that year-end 2014 and 2015 had a negative net worth, which is a cause of dissolution. He noted for its high level UDC March- -disuelto the past, which already had 10 million euros. Also CiU and Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds-.


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