Rivera decreed the "end of bipartisanship" launched by the 21-D

Albert Rivera riding the wave of his electoral success in Catalonia. So much self-esteem grows Citizens president ran yesterday as a real replacement for a reformist government of Spain and declared "the end of bipartisanship" of the PP and PSOE. "We are at a weekend political stage in a legislature between the old bipartisanship and the future of Spain," he said. Citizens fault that can not lead a constitutionalist government in Catalonia is the "collapse" of PP and PSC and the "bloody electoral law": Inés Rivera pressure on Arrimadas not try the endowment and thus shook counterattacked. Cs leader did yesterday balance the political year since Congress made it clear that harness the headwind. Polls indicate that ground may continue eating PP and PSOE in the rest of Spain. "Today we are more prepared than anyone and never to deal with the biggest problem of our country," Rivera said presuming his new status as a political leader in Catalonia. The "old" parties, insisted on reading the 21-D, "they have failed" to the Spanish in the most serious moment of democracy by the Catalan separatist challenge. "Neither the Conservatives nor immobility of occurrences of the socialists are the solution," said mitinero while the tone of the Catalan campaign. Rivera appeared yesterday to the legislature by amortized in Parliament calling it "transient", but later said that the early elections will not force Rajoy. On the contrary, it will support the Government Budget seconds if it includes 500 million to equalize the salaries of the National Police and Civil Guard to the regional police. Cs try to make "useful opposition" in Congress pushing for more reforms. "We have no hurry, we have a lot of gasoline," they said rejecting the orange party who are interested in early elections. Rivera pending reforms will prioritize the reform of the electoral law to prevent further "giving priority territories on citizens' and require the congressional subcommittee studying the reform to complete its work in summer. It will also urge the legalization of surrogate gestation, the reform of the prosecution or the new anti-corruption law. "Useful work in Parliament, the Spanish service but also with an eye on the future," summed up that will turn without hiding since January in the conquest of municipal and regional power PP and PSOE, in 2019; and after that, general. Rivera is catapulted into the Catalan polls to present itself as the only "exciting project" for Spain and reinforced by the most diverse praise from French Socialist former Prime Minister Manuel Valls to Jose Maria Aznar. Citizens also interpret in the last speech of King Christmas Eve as a nod to its position on the "stagnation" which represents Rajoy. "The government can not be very happy", they say in the executive.


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