North Korea sanctions eludes buying offshore oil

Years and years of sanctions against its nuclear program have sharpened the ingenuity of the Stalinist regime in North Korea, which continues to resist despite international pressure. Dodging the latest UN resolutions, which seek to stifle its economy by limiting their supplies of energy and capital, North Korea is buying oil to Chinese and Taiwanese vessels at sea. For these operations, which are prohibited by Resolution 2375, South Korea has seized a ship flying the flag of Hong Kong hired by a company in Taiwan. As reported by the news agency Yonhap, boat, called "Lighthouse Winmore" was confiscated on 24 November after allegedly having sold offshore 600 tons of refined oil to North Korean ships, one of them identified as "Sam Jong 2 », on October 19. The boat service company Billions Bunker Group, had docked days before the South Korean port of Yeosu to load 14,000 tons of Japanese refined oil and take it to Taiwan. But instead, he transferred part of the goods to North Korean ships in international waters of the Yellow Sea. Under Yonhap, South Korean authorities have confirmed through the logbook and testimonies of the crew that the transaction was ordered by the Taiwanese firm. The duration of the investigation, Seoul will hold the oil for six months until Hong Kong claim it. Blacklisted Although this is the first seizure of a ship on these grounds, it is not the first time something like this happens. In fact, the "Lighthouse Winmore" is on a "blacklist" US along with nine other vessels for violating UN sanctions by supplying oil to North Korea. With the usual reluctance of China and Russia, the White House has already requested its suspension to the Security Council. In addition, and as reported by the South Korean newspaper "Chosun Ilbo" citing sources in the government of that country, US spy satellites have detected Chinese ships transferring crude oil to North Korean ships up to thirty times since October. In the images displayed by the Treasury Department, you can see these boats moored offshore, with the Korean name of one of them visible, "Rye Song Gang 1". These tests again to question China's commitment to international sanctions. Although the authoritarian regime in Beijing has supported the UN, USA suspect "loopholes" because it is the only remaining ally Kim Jong-un. In an interview with "The New York Times" he has hinted that President Donald Trump, who has linked China's mediation with Pyongyang to trade disputes between the two countries. "If you help me with North Korea, I can look to trade differently, at least for a while. And that's what I've been doing. But when oil is coming, I'm not happy, "admitted Trump. At his pressure to suffocate the North Korean regime, Kim Jong-un again shows his cunning to survive.


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