Junts pel Cat keeps the pulse and warns: "Puigdemont will be sworn '

Although lawyers say that the intention of Carles Puigdemont to become president of the Generalitat, twisting the interpretation of the Rules of Procedure of Catalonia and the Law of the Presidency of the Generalitat, it is not possible if not in situ, being present in the hemicycle in Barcelona, ​​Junts per Catalunya (JPC) held the stake and yesterday sent several darts directed mainly to the Government and its partner ERC. Under the pretext of accusing the "Spanish means" of carrying out a "campaign" by those not accept "democracy and the result of 21-D" JPC sent a argumentario the 34 elected deputies of their training, also distributed to the press, claiming that "the independence movement has an absolute majority", "President Puigdemont is the big winner of the elections" -cita to continue to qualify as "illegitimate" - and therefore "Puigdemont will be sworn in as president . The State can not prevent it. " In addition, the document indicates that the government has to date put the particular day thinking 'ring 155'. However, JPC is not left alone in a declaration of intent addressed to the Government, in particular, and the rule of law in general, but the formation led by former President of the Generalitat from Belgium also warned, without quoting him, his government partner, ERC, saying: "there is only one kind of people who do not want to be sworn in as president Puigdemont those who do not believe in democracy." He adds: "How can you build the first republic if we do not defend our institutions?". JPC will not move from what he calls "democratic principle", which is nothing other than that based on that "he who has been democratically chosen must be able to be invested." Doing so ensures the formation created ad hoc by Puigdemont, "to return the president must vote for the president" and "people has already done." Therefore, "what people have voted so Parliament can not change." Thus responds Puigdemont public reaction to the jurists, constitutionalists political parties and above all, ERC once it has been known that aims to become president of the Generalitat without stepping on the Parliament of Catalonia. All cited oppose accepting the stratagem of the regional president, and the decision to Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister, yesterday announced the date of the constitution of the next Parliament of Catalonia on January 17, shortens the time for negotiation between JPC ERC now blocked waiting for that Puigdemont throw in the towel. Simulacrum of "message" Meanwhile, Puigdemont still believing himself president of the Generalitat and today deliver a mock "institutional message" from Belgium, during year-end, and as is customary to carry out some autonomic presidents. It spread through social networks.


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