"Chewing Gum" pending entry into prison for a drug trafficking offense

José Enrique Abuín, alias "El Chicle," lived less than 15 kilometers from where he disappeared Diana Quer, the distance between the village of Taragoña where he lived Ride A Pobra do Caramiñal where he was last seen with Madrid's young life of 19 years. The police record of this young man 1.80 tall and lover running, which has had ABC access, composed half a dozen records, the most serious sexual assault with penetration ie rape, committed in 2005 his sister. Two years later he was again arrested for a crime of injuries and later that year for another drug trafficking in the so-called "Operation Piñata," a macrocausa against drug trafficking in Corunna. The wheel of the car he was driving Abuín, the Civil Guard found two kilos of cocaine. He was followed by another old acquaintance of agents into a shuttle vehicle. "Chewing Gum" was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison, which apparently was pending. The detainees lived with the blinds down, almost not allowed to see According to sources of the environment confirmed to this medium, the arrested came to bragging on more than one occasion with his stay behind bars and even explained that one of the businesses suspected by those who was He arrested earned him 40,000 euros with which he finished repaying a debt. On their daily behavior, his neighbors explained that at home was rare to see a raised blind and that he and his wife lived in the house locked acquired four years ago. They not much related and were scarce the words that came to cross doors to outside. They had three vehicles that are now in the spotlight: an Audi, Alfa Romeo and Fiat Bravo. His whereabouts, final target back to his police file, chicle was also arrested for driving without a license twice and has another arrest in this same August. About the event that triggered his arrest, agents believe that was entrusted after nearly five hundred days of fruitless searching by researchers and so on Monday came out again hunting. The ultimate goal of those charged complex case is to find the whereabouts of the girl so indicate, not be given any misstep.


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