Correos seal up the national charter 5 cent, to 0.55 euros

The stamp for sending standard letters and postcards and 20e grams to national destinations will rise by 10% (5 cents) on January 1, 2018, so that will cost 0.55 euros, as reported Post. It is the third biggest rise this postal rate, considered public service recorded in the last decade, following 11.1% this year and 10.5% experienced in 2015. With this increase, Correos aims to go "progressively adjusting the price of postage to the costs of maintaining the quality and efficiency of the universal postal service" it provides, explains this public company. As for stamps for sending letters and postcards standardized and less than 20 grams of weight to destinations outside Spain, significant increases were also recorded. A European countries (including Greenland) will rise by 8% (5 cents) and will cost 1.35 euros. Stamps for shipments to destinations beyond Europe become more expensive by 7.4% (10 cents), to 1.45 euros. Regarding postal services that has no consideration of public service, the price of package shipments recorded an average increase of 1.32%. This is the core business of the firm and towards which focuses its business strategy to take advantage of the growth of electronic commerce. The burofax keep their rates, although the burofax 'premium' will rise by 3.06% and will cost 26 euro cents more. The public postal company says that, despite the rise, Spain will remain on 2018 among EU countries with postal cheapest rates. The rise of the seals used matches the continuous drop of the mailpieces by replacing other electronic media. Traditional postal mailings, postcards, registered letters and notifications fell by 6.5% in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the postal sector analysis recently published by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), reports Ep. Specifically, they were handled almost 227 million fewer of these traditional shipments. In addition, 64% of households did not send a single letter last year.


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