Chewing Gum: Sneak, smuggler, thief and murderer

"A fool dressed in a white suit from head to toe and white shoes." It was the brash styling José Enrique Abuín, "Chewing Gum" 41, when moving cocaine to an uncle, a member of the clan of Fanchos in 2007. It was so striking the look that the Civil Guards who arrested him (with more than two kilos of drugs in the same Fiat that still parked at home) described it that way. By then, Kike, which was also nicknamed "The Chiquilín" in the world of narcos second with aspirations, had been arrested and accused of raping his wife's sister. He was 29. The girl did not believe her almost anyone. Neither his family nor the aggressor. He was not convicted. Jose Enrique's parents, retired mariscadores as the friendliest neighbors; dedicated to trapicheo as other less complacent, they begged favors in the parish where they live Roasts (200 meters from the tomb of Diana Quer) to intercede in one form or another for his son. Less than a week ago, her mother returned to thank an acquaintance and a tip for how well behaved then. That man yesterday swept into tears, cursing the name of Abuín and time she met him. "If you ask here, and there is a camera, the 99 percent you will say" this is capable of anything. I thought not murder. But has passed all limits ", he tells ABC almost in a whisper someone who knows him since childhood. In his mugshot will comprise six a history: drug trafficking, for rape, injury, two for driving without a license and theft in August. No one disputes that were furtive (mostly clam), diesel thief boats in the harbor and trucks where they would catch; vivant, a trafficker and even a traitor. "This is also called the snitch because he sold to others to save himself. Why was not no time in jail ", says his former neighbor, angry and saddened to confirm that the body of the young decomposed meters from their homes while eagerly sought it. In certain areas without running forgiven or some crimes with which they have become accustomed to living, but for crimes like Diana they are relentless understood. Murmurs point toward justice. Questions crowd: "Why was not in jail if everyone knows who had condemned him?". Two years and six months, that was the penalty imposed the Audiencia of Corunna two years ago and is pending execution. "Now they will hurry to put it," legal sources said. Crossing times, if he had been serving that sentence would not have gone through on the way and the life of Diana Quer. Difficult to digest. "Last week I was standing there in the doorway, laughing uproariously. Damn his stamp. If they stop me or I'll kill or capo "threatens another unable neighbor to understand how he had not reached that ship in which it is known that he worked sporadically, which is next to the family home and detached housing a relative of gum. "He's a thief always takes away what caught," he adds. In his statement he acknowledged that came to steal the car gasóil with him and his wife. "I never went with her to parties." He was a regular after an acquaintance of Santiago, already closed. And a predator. They say it's not very smart, but who knows no mercy. In one of his trials he faced a well-known lawyer narcos and blurted out in the middle of the room: "You were looking for me to jail so I eat brown." The defendants, related to each other, were engaged loudly before the Court. None has entered prison. Chicle will drag everyone.


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