Bernad is presented as a victim of "political persecution"

Secretary General Clean Hands, Miguel Bernad, gave Friday a press conference for "mediatically remove the writing of the Attorney acuación" he asks almost 25 years in prison for his role in Nelson operation. Bernad denied that he wanted to sell the popular accusation exercised in the Nóos case to the Infanta Cristina will not sit on the bench, and credited the UDEF. On the other hand, he said he was Miquel Roca, the lawyer coordinating the defense of the King's daughter emeritus, who offered "two or three million euros" if it withdrew the accusation. Union leader, who spent more than eight months in custody between April and December 2016, said the offer came through the lawyer Jaime Alonso, former executive vice president of the Francisco Franco Foundation. Speaking to ABC, Alonso has "categorically" denied having discussed this matter with Miquel Roca or people on your team. "It is false," he said. Bernad used the appearance to insist that the investigation of the Audiencia Nacional is a plot against a "revenge". "There has been a political and media opinion, political persecution for exposing the corruption of a regime and revenge for accusing the Infanta of Spain," he said. Bernad also reported that the alleged offer of Jaime Alonso came a few months after the then president of La Caixa, Isidro Fainé, quoted him in his office to convey the "concern" of the King in this matter. "They told me that the Royal Family was very bad. Fainé appealed to my sense of State to withdraw the accusation valued "he said, as recorded EP. Bernad acknowledged that valued back down from the imputation of the Infanta, since he came to talk to the defense of delivering the money "in cash, which would not follow", while the letter of withdrawal, a fact that did not occur . He also assured that it was he who alerted the Caixa that Luis Pineda, president of Ausbanc and leader of the plot, "wanted to talk to them" and advised "not to do him any attention." Secretary General Clean Hands also said that "people who are in state institutions" will "warned of the consequences" which would lead have accused the Infanta, but declined to give names. He said that the summon for trial.


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