Autonomies have fired their current spending by more than 1,200 million in just one year

Regional governments have shelved times of belt-tightening that came to them imposed by the crisis. October 2016 to October 2017 have triggered their current spending by more than 1,200 million euros. And all this in a context of rising costs that began in 2013 and that, far from finding brake is gradually more and more. Until 2012 the machacona slogan of public expenditure restraint was imposed. The central government insisted particularly hard to autonomous communities, especially those most delicate situation in Catalonia, with the forehead. However, from that year the situation has taken a turn in the opposite direction. According to official data compiled by ABC budget execution since 2013 the current expenditure of the autonomous regions has increased by 19%. This is what regional administrations are going in regular operating expenses. It is, along with the departure of staff, the largest non-financial budget chapter of regional governments. From 1 January to 31 October this year -last available- official data, the regional governments accumulated a total current expenditure of 24.047 million euros. In the same period of 2013 it had risen to 20,262 million. That is, nearly 4,000 million less. During the last twelve months-from October 2016 to October 2017, current expenditure of regional executives has increased by 1,213 million euros, 5.3% more. There have been communities that have followed -some containing spending even had reduced compared to October 2016, but most have increased with more or less intensity. Catalonia leads the list for the amount of money spent: 1 January to 31 October accumulated a current expenditure of 6.481 million euros, June 79 million more than in the same period of 2016. That is, everything has increased current expenditure in all the autonomous regions, more than half has been for work in Catalonia. This sharp increase in current expenditure occurred in Catalonia in the last ten months of government Puigdemont, just until -in application of Article 155- was dismissed by the rest of the 'Govern' rebel. Were the ten months that Puigdemont cabinet and his partner Junqueras prepared and consummated their independence failed coup.


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