"We are one of the most solvent insurance companies in the country," says the president of A.M.A.

The pontevedrés doctor Luis Campos Villarino became president of AMA Insurance, mutual health professionals has 650,000 policyholders, last May when he succeeded in office by also pontevedrés Diego Murillo. What are the challenges that AMA for the new year? -The main objective is to grow in all sectors in which we operate and continue to provide quality service with reasonable prices, without skimping on the services we offer our mutuals. More than 650,000 healthcare professionals rely on AMA to ensure different areas of your professional or personal life. We want our mutual base grow, as it has done year after year, helped by our medical expertise and our knowledge of the sector, hoping that all Spanish health is in our mutual time within. AMA was born from a union between physicians, veterinarians and pharmacists and later the entire health sector expanded; and it is this expertise, together with rigorous risk management, which has marked our path and we keep asking ourselves main challenge for the future. Our distinguishing feature in relation to other insurers, is to be useful at very vocational professionals, the healthcare group; together we have become convinced that the path that we have is correct. They have been able to present alternative scenarios, new projects, new laws or requirements, but the differential nature of AMA to serve the healthcare group we took in the DNA of our mutual. So much so that our board of directors consists exclusively of presidents and general managers of councils and professional associations of health. It seems that are considering mergers or "partnerships" in the sector. Do you love has provided a corporate transaction? 'Not at all, no need to merge with anyone. AMA accounts are sanitized; We are one of the most creditworthy companies in the country. Our excess capital on Solvency II requirements is of 276%, well above the average for the insurance sector in Spain and Europe. As you ask, it is true that some companies are now looking at possible mergers or partnerships, but that we could predict since some insurers have had to qualify for interim measures, requesting extensions to meet the objectives of Solvency II. AMA does not need to merge. We have established very clear criteria on what to equity and risk management concerns that result in the provision of services and design highly reliable, competitive and suited to the needs of our mutual products. But they have never had offers? 'I have to confess that, of course, over the years we have come to share offers business both in Spain and America to manage portfolios that have always been studied in depth for the sake of our mutual, but has never compensated us change the original model: we were born as a result of collective health demand and we'll never get out of it. We follow up on our sector. 2016 was the fifth consecutive year in which we achieved over a sustained double-digit growth. Therefore, we are a very efficient and with a growing business portfolio company. It -From a few days ago his company also begins to operate the field of life insurance Is lacked step? As I said earlier, WADA have always tried to study and know the needs of their mutuals and business opportunities that may arise in the market; This happened with auto coverage and other policies. Now we demand other benefits and have found ways to adapt to new contexts. Following the authorization by the Direccion General de Seguros Economy Ministry to operate with the company AMA Life Insurance and Reinsurance, SA have already signed the first collective policies with professional associations. Therefore, we already have life risk policies with individual and group coverage, savings and temporary incapacity for work (ILT) life and all other ranges of products already marketed in AMA: -Responsibility civil professional- property risks, automobile accidents , multirisk, various branches and deaths, etc ... How do they perceive the market? Do you have data on customer satisfaction? 'We regularly analyze our products and we know that the perception of our policyholders is excellent. In addition, we are in a continuous process of innovation and digitalization resulting in better customization of the mutual benefits, as well as save time and optimize resources. But you I have to comment that we are proud that independent organizations such as the OCU consider us one of the best insurance companies in Spain. The latest report published by this organization emphasizes that car insurance all risk of AMA are among the two best that exist in Spain. It is a very important milestone because the survey involved nearly 13,000 partners have been audited OCU and 25 insurance companies. As you can imagine, customers always want the best and most attractive for your life and your pockets. There are companies that are very large, much advertised on TV and have many policies, but do not offer our level of satisfaction, quality and experience. Why several companies have abandoned professional liability coverage? -the moment we live in this regard is of particular uncertainty for health. On the one hand, because in recent years it has experienced a very significant both the number of claims and the amounts claimed against professional increase. And secondly, because many companies, some of them multinationals enter the field with the lure "low cost" and when they realize the impossibility of managing the narrow margins of this business and the difficulty of managing these policies , leaving the sector or disappear from the market. AMA have kept us in the last twenty years the same service policy and we will continue mutual beside him. Our members are reassured about the permanence of AMA in the field, the face of uncertainty that could generate other multinational insurers already in 1996 abandoned the coverage of these risks to the health group. In the last twenty years we have managed more than 21,000 claims, with a success rate of 97% in criminal lawsuits. We guarantee a great team of 300 lawyers specializing in the health sector throughout Spain. In addition, insurance professional liability AMA not only include the payment of compensation to which he may be sentenced health reclaimed and legal defense, we also offer other coverages as protection fingerprint to prevent it from damaging the reputation professional; counterclaim or the possibility to claim damages caused to the insured and psychological assistance. AMA most important on any issue arising in professional liability is the defense of the insured both personally and professionally. He is talking a lot of mediation. What does respect? -The mediation we have done and continue to apply from the moment we started with professional liability insurance because it is an inherent practice the CPR sector; applying a medical term we could say that is something that has its indications, but you can never generalize because if not, we always accept the responsibility of health professionals in all processes. The indiscriminate use of mediation anticipates social condemnation of health professionals questioning its good practice and promoting the realization of defensive medicine.


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