Alejandro Fernandez appears drunk at a concert: "I do not want to come out in the news»

"He forgot the letter", "falling off so drunk he was," "it's a shame." Those are some of the comments from fans of singer Alejandro Fernandez after his last concert, when he appeared on stage in a visible state of drunkenness. The artist, who after a similar episode last May said he did not have problems with alcohol, left several videos of his performance at the Fair Quétaro that have spread like wildfire through social networks, concern for his followers. Alejandro Fernandez is caught in an apparent drunk (again) during a show in Queretaro. Is it fair for those who pay a ticket to see your presentation? What people find it fun and see during your presentation? or simply does not care your audience? #Salud #AlejandroFernandez #Hic A shared publication of Jimmy Ramos (@jimmyramosla) on December 13, 2017 to (s) 9:29 PT "He's doing a cold putero, I'll warm up with a sip, not just me, all of you, "Fernandez apologized to the public, with serious difficulty pronouncing clearly. May be aware of the image that was giving the Mexican singer asked those present to not record what was happening. "I do not want this to come out tomorrow in news," he explained, although there were few who resisted the temptation to record the show. At the moment, neither the artist nor their immediate environment has commented on this fact, although it is expected that in the coming hours post a new statement on their social networks.


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