Al Sisi keeps the helplessness of nine million Egyptian Christians

The bloodiest attack in the run up to Christmas time in Egypt which in the Orthodox calendar is not celebrated until 7 January- occurred yesterday in a Coptic church in Cairo. But the most poignant and symptomatic took place a week ago in a village further south in the province of Al Guiza, where last December 23 hundreds of Muslims attacked a church, destroyed the furniture and wounded several Christian faithful. Does the "crime" of the parish of San Teodoro, in Kafr al Waslin? Finally it has gotten the Cairo authorities granted the temporary temple right to church status, and therefore have a cross and a bell. The parish serves its temporary premises to 1,500 Copts faithful and has been operating 16 years. For decades, the building of churches in Egypt for its more than nine million Christians is subject to systematic sectarian violence, so many people prefer not to seek the official status and maintain a system almost catacombs. The situation was tolerated by Mubarak, fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and condemned -only of word- by ​​the current regime of General Al Sisi. Although the Egyptian parliament last year passed a law speeding up the construction of churches, the helplessness of Coptic Christians remains rampant. His old presence in the so-called Casa de la Protection (Dar al-Sulh) should guarantee in theory the tutelage of Islam at a high price (discrimination in public life, obstacles to the construction or renovation of churches), but the reality is very different. The persecution of Copts has worsened in recent years with frequent burning of churches and attacks by violent Islamist groups, which often go unpunished. Coptic whole universe-wrapped in an atmosphere of icons, candle smoke and ceremonies in the ancestral language, it goes back to pre-Islamic Egypt, one of the first Christian communities in the world and the largest in the Middle East, where the deep phenomenon born hermits of the desert in the fourth century. In the old prejudices against them adds a new one: the rumor that contributed to the coup of 2013.


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