Adolfo Suárez Illana "Maduro called hate, divide and chases the contrary"

Adolfo Suárez Illana (Madrid, 1964) paraphrases his father, the first President of the Spanish democracy (1976-1981), describing the moment that lives the Venezuelan opposition against the divide and conquer Nicolas Maduro, "All what it is essential to agree on deep desire to live in peace and freedom. " Suárez Illana spent three years in Caracas, where he traveled last week. In a meeting at the Embassy of Spain with opponents of different streams -and "talking to each and every one of them separately" - he was found that "agree that all the parties, another thing is that there are ideological differences or strategy, but in no case one is the enemy of the other and have a common goal of returning sovereignty to the people. " Caracas also found that support opposition leaders' difficult personal situations, the persecution they have been subjected Maduro regime is immense. " President Ontier law firm, says that although "I'm not in institutional politics or want to be, do have political ambitions." -Has strategy succeeded President Maduro divide the opposition? -Maduro has led them to a point of confrontation, but does not have to succeed. These parties may agree on joint strategies again and share the success of the return of sovereignty to the people. In Spain, at the time of the transition, they tell me if they agreed on all the opposition and the government, including the opposition at all. It is not true and build a great country. There is a difference: in Spain there was a president committed to democracy and never lied to the opposition. It agreed with everything she complied. For this president we demand these commitments to democracy, these minimum needed to make a truly democratic and acceptable voting by the international community. Do you think the opposition will achieve present a single candidate for the presidential planned in 2018? -the first thing now is not that, it's getting to be a free, democratic, universal choice, secret, guaranteed by the international community and give us the possibility of having a president emanated from the will of the people. It is the real goal. To achieve this you need to press from the international community and from opposition parties. -The opposition coalition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) just ask the European Union to sanction Maduro and 61 others for violations of human rights. Will Spain would have to push harder for those sanctions are imposed? Ago-needed press all those who have been responsible for bringing the situation in Venezuela as absolute humanitarian crisis. I am a strong supporter of sanctions. And I'm so open to dialogue as demanding on all matters requiring those who do not want to sit at a table and return to Venezuela its democracy, is kidnapped. JR Ladra -HA ended without agreement the first meeting of the new round of negotiations between government and opposition in the Dominican Republic, although there is another meeting scheduled on December 15. Is it possible a negotiated solution? I do not know, I find it hard to believe that much possible because who has said publicly that he does not win the votes it will win with weapons, it does not seem to take it easy agreement on democratic terms. Therefore it is necessary to maintain international pressure. But I do not think it's possible to get up from the table and never speak. 'In Caracas, during a colloquium of FEDECAMARAS, you said last week that "whoever has more power, should always be more generous." Do you see Maduro willing? Honestly no, I do not see him as a democrat, I see you have political prisoners, which uses the power to put pressure on the opposition and those who think differently. But this does not prevent me from seeing who is the president and I have to talk to him, but nevertheless to press him. Have you had occasion to speak with Nicolas Maduro? -never I crossed word with the president of Venezuela. -Has you have been able to visit political prisoners as Leopoldo Lopez and Daniel Ceballos at home or in prison? No, I have not allowed any visit. I've tried this time with Leopoldo Lopez, but was told it was impossible. -in Caracas also said it is an "unpardonable sin that a political urge to hatred." Since the Miraflores Palace they have launched messages that could incite hatred? -Permanently. In fact, what he has done is break Maduro democratic and peaceful coexistence. It is the cardinal sin of a politician, elected to manage common issues. And is the opposite of my father in Spain case. It was not a democratic president when he was elected and wanted to lead a whole people-and what consiguió- to democracy. He also did not break a single one of the laws that were not democratic but not ceased to be the laws of our country. Because when a politician breaks a law making is inevitably break coexistence. Nicolas Maduro has broken the law on numerous occasions. Among other things we see with an illegitimate Constituent Assembly that is not recognized by any serious country. And that Parliament has opposed a legally constituted and elected by the people. He is a man who constantly calls to hatred. Say we will not get the votes we will achieve with weapons is to call the confrontation. He is a man who divides, who pursues the contrary. The contrast with Spanish opposition in the transition is complete. In Spain the opposition he respected her. Legalized those parties that were considered illegal, was an amnesty. It's part of what we require for elections are truly free. And always put pressure on the Government of Maduro, never about differences in the opposition, they have every right in the world to disagree. -Maduro just appointed Major General Manuel Quevedo as head of the state oil company PDVSA, amid a corruption scheme. Will Venezuela increasingly resembles Cuba, where the army controls almost the entire economy? It's a sign of lack of capacity to handle the situation. Pdvsa was a model company and is loaded. In Venezuela there are people capable, there were outstanding people in managing oil. The military will have a magnificent training to practice, but not to defend such a complex business. They show not knowing how to manage. When that happens, it is best to give way to others. These 19 years of Chavismo have been an out of bounds corruption that has impoverished and Venezuela led to chaos and unthinkable humanitarian crisis for a country so rich in natural and human resources. -Has witnessed shortages of food and medicine? I have many Venezuelan friends, and come back often. And one of the things they do here is buy medicine to take them home because there is virtually impossible to get from the simplest to the most complex. Regarding inflation, the figures are brutal and that is the greatest enemy of humble wage, because it kills their consumption capacity. From left to right, Congressman Luis Florido, the leader of Primero Justicia Henrique Capriles, Ambassador Jesus Silva Fernandez, leader Vente Venezuela Maria Corina Machado, Adolfo Suárez Illana, the human rights activist Lilian Tintori, President of the Assembly Nacional Julio Borges and deputy Henry Ramos, on 29 November at the Embassy of Spain in Caracas, in a courtesy of the embassy image - Efe


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