A 24 hours of achieving the second victory

The V065 'Mapfre' Spanish Xabi Fernández is one step away from victory in the third leg of the Volvo Ocean Race -Return the world by stages- between Cape Town and Melbourne when started the final stretch towards the finish line with a 90 miles (165 km) ahead of the 'Donfeng' Franco-Chinese Charles Caudrelier. At 450 miles (830 km) and a current average of 16 knots (30 km / h), the Spanish boat can cross the finish line in first afternoon tomorrow. At 09:00 (Spanish time) this morning has eastbound straight to the goal with the 'Dongfeng' performing the same maneuver about 40 miles (75 km) farther southwest. Victory is this stage, double points, may be key to the consolidation of the Spanish boat in the lead of the race. Currently, after winning the second stage between Lisbon and Cape Town, leads the overall standings with one point ahead of the 'Vestas' Charlie Enright and three on the 'Dongfeng'. If due tomorrow will add 15 points, winning three more on the 'Dongfeng' which sumarás 12 if it is second-five on the 'Vestas' if it's third win 10. The final blow of 'Mapfre' arrived on Friday at 20:00 when the 'Dongfeng' left 'stealth mode' (his rivals not on the radar) one 100 miles (185 km) behind the Spanish boat. When he started at 23:00 am on Thursday, it was 30 miles (55 km) of 'Mapfre'. He had given 70 miles (130 km) in 21 hours a leader. The maneuver conducted by Charles Caudrelier and his navigator Pascal Bidegorry failed for the great work of theoretical data tracking by the navigator of 'Mapfre', Juan Vila, who was able to make precise to be gaining miles over rival directions. Vila showed why is considered the best in the world in his position The battle for third place on the podium is also at its peak. US 'Vestas' Charlie Enright and Roberto coruñés' Chuny' Bermudez de Castro fell more than the straight southeast of competitors (to latitude 49º30 'South) and veered northeast shortly before 21:00 pm yesterday night , followed just a mile down the 'Brunel' Dutchman Bouwe Bekking. The 'Brunel' also veered northeast shortly before midnight, cutting 80 miles (145 km) with the leader to move within 155 miles (287 km), at the 'Vestas' entered 'stealth mode' and not will appear on the radar of his rivals until tonight. Now the work Boater 'Vestas' English Simon Fisher will be key to maintaining this third place. At present it is known that the 'Brunel' is the fastest boat in the fleet, an average speed of 23 knots (44 km / h) and better wind. The question is whether whether the 'Vestas' is enjoying the same conditions or not. Fisher acknowledged yesterday that "the 'Brunel' is causing us a lot of pressure there will be little time to relax could have a very close race to reach the goal..". Behind them the 'Sun Hung Kai' David Witt, the 'Turn The Tide on Plastic' Caffari Dee and 'AkzoNobel' Simeon Tienpont and Alex Pella maintain their positions and everyone in southeast direction. The Dutch ship, which closes the fleet sails at a slower rate than its rivals, perhaps conservatively after rupture he suffered in the rail mainsail days ago. Classification (14.00 Spanish time) .1. Mapfre (ESP) Xabi Fernandez (ESP) .2 425 mn. Dongfeng (CHN) Charles Caudrelier (FRA) .3 96 mn. Vestas (USA / DIN) Charlie Enright (USA) 'stealth mode' 4. Brunel (HOL) Bouwe Bekking (HOL) 165 .5. Sun Hung Kai (HKG) David Witt (AUS) 410 .6. Turn Tide on Plastic (GBR) Dee Caffari (GBR) .7 442. AkzoNobel (HOL) Simeon Tienpont (HOL) 822


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