27 percent of the pro-independence deputies are under investigation for breaking the plan

Not a misstep, because otherwise, they will return to prison. Thus was stated by Supreme Court Justice Paul Llarena to exconsejeros Carles Puigdemont that freed on 4 December and are now deputies in the Catalan Parliament: Jordi Turull (JPC), Josep Rull (JPC), Raül Romeva (ERC), Carles Mundó (ERC) and Dolors Bassa (ERC). (Meritxell Borràs also was freed that day but she did not show up to the elections of 21-D). Almost a month earlier, on November 9, the magistrate had made a similar former president of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell (ERC) and the members of the Permanent Council that, unlike this one, failed to step on the prison warning because they paid bail imposed: Lluís Guinó (JPC), Lluís Corominas, Anna Simó and Ramona Barrufet (none of the three has been submitted to the elections). Joan Josep also Nuet (CatComú), who was released without bail. In this large group of defendants who have already testified before the judge hearing the proceedings opened against them for rebellion, and are released with charges, six politicians who will be sitting in the regional Chamber during this term. They have to add a second group forming three of the four investigated in custody also have gone elected at the polls: Oriol Junqueras (ERC), Joaquim Forn (JPC) and Jordi Sanchez (JPC). The Supreme will review the precautionary measures agreed on them on 4 (Junqueras) and 11 January (Forn and Sànchez). Unlike the members of the first group, and unless they change their personal circumstances, these three investigated are not guaranteed their vote in the Chamber, as the delegation of voting is scheduled for disease or disability, but not for prisoners. To vote would require the judge's permission through special permits. Those who have even vetoed the latter possibility are the deputies who make up the third group, the escapees: Carles Puigdemont (JPC), Toni Comin (ERC), Clara Ponsatí (JPC), Lluís Puig (JPC) and Meritxell Serret (ERC ). Although they have gone elected in the elections, while not come to Spain will not have posibilidadd to exercise any of their functions as Members. And if they come they will be arrested and will be placed with all probablidad at the point where they are now Junqueras, Forn and Sànchez: that is, in prison and subject to permission to leave. Expansion of research The sixteen members that make these three groups have in common that they all already carry some investigated by the Supreme Tribuna weeks. But another deputy who has not yet declared before the judge and has already investigated the condition for their participation in key sheet rupturista route. This is Marta Rovira (ERC), one of the six people on the judge Llarena has expanded its investigation last week after considering the Guardia Civil organized the referendum 1-O. The other five, including Artur Mas is and Ana Gabriel, are not parliamentarians. Finally, a fourth group integrate two of the exaltos offices of the Generalitat investigated in the Court number 13 of Barcelona's former general secretary of Economics and number two exvicepresidente Junqueras, Josep Maria Jové, and former Secretary of Finance Josep Lluís Salvadó the Generalitat. Although the legal situation of the nineteen deputies is different, it is not the accusation against them as creators, organizers or participants, as appropriate, in the rupturista plan of Catalonia. Hence its position in this legislature is not the same as in the past and this time their movements are monitored closely. The lowest requiebro a return to jail and others they risk stepping on first.


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