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Chewing Gum: Sneak, smuggler, thief and murderer

"A fool dressed in a white suit from head to toe and white shoes." It was the brash styling José Enrique Abuín, "Chewing Gum" 41, when moving cocaine to an uncle, a member of the clan of Fanchos in 2007. It was so striking the look that the Civil Guards who arrested him (with more than two kilos of drugs in the same Fiat that still parked at home) described it that way. By then, Kike, which was also nicknamed "The Chiquilín" in the world of narcos second with aspirations, had been arrested and accused of raping his wife's sister. He was 29. The girl did not believe her almost anyone. Neither his family nor the aggressor. He was not convicted. Jose Enrique's parents, retired mariscadores as the friendliest neighbors; dedicated to trapicheo as other less complacent, they begged favors in the parish where they live Roasts (200 meters from the tomb of Diana Quer) to intercede in one form or another for his son. Less than a week ago, her mother return…

The slip of Chicle ending five hundred days on the trail of Diana Quer

It all started in two Pincheiros do Carme Festival in coruñesa town of A Pobra do Caramiñal. Diana Quer, a Madrid 19 year old not returned home after attending with some friends to the verbena night of August 22. The next morning jumped all alarms: his last message to some friends in Madrid referred to in his return walk home would have bullied someone saying "morena come here." In the hours following the disappearance raids in the nearby mountains were activated, without the slightest trace was found. Agents decreed the disappearance as high risk. And half the initial uproar, broke the parental dispute over custody of Valeria, the youngest daughter of the marriage-divorced for several years, which added to the drama of the disappearance countless -e innecesarios- details on family life . Initial hopes of Diana Lopez-Pinel to find his daughter alive contrasted with realistic pessimism of her ex-husband, Juan Carlos Quer. The reconstruction of events was outlining a first ac…


They multiply relentlessly. They weigh the soul more and more. Populating memories. Accompany. Evoke bittersweet nostalgia of what was or might have been. Sometimes, too, they hurt. As the years pass, they absent a surprising prominence charge which we just apercibimos in the day. They are shadows that walk beside the city, come with us to a family restaurant, watching us from a photograph in black and white, retrieve voice and warmth in those dreams would not want to wake up. They are there, in eerily increasing numbers. They have their own entity, specific nature, sometimes almost corporeality, as much as sorry, but usually their role is similar to the air we breathe without being aware of doing so. Then comes a special date, a special event, a celebration associated in memory of his presence, and burst suddenly on emotion, that elephant in china shop, knocking down mercilessly all defensive barriers that get up layer by layer in order to scare the sadness caused by his absence. Ex…

Kim Jong-Un believes US You can never start a war against North Korea

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, said Monday that Washington will never start a war against his country now that it has developed the ability to reach across the US mainland with nuclear weapons. "All of America is within reach of our nuclear weapons and there is a nuclear button always on my desktop. This is reality, not a threat," said the North Korean leader during his speech televised New Year's Day. In this regard, he said that it will use nuclear weapons only when their safety is threatened. "This year we're going to focus on mass production of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles for operational deployment. These weapons will only be used if our security is threatened," he noted. North Korea tested intercontinental missiles and conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test last September, defying international warnings and sanctions, raising fears of a new conflict on the peninsula. Moreover, North Korean leader said that the two Koreas…

ABC, also the first day of the year: Read the special edition Kiosko and More

The first day of the year the paper does not reach newsstands as usual, but you can read on the platform Kiosko y Más. ABC does not want to miss your appointment with readers and today offers also a special edition of 66 pages, with all currently on the case Diana Quer, plus exclusive reports and the signature of the best columnists. A number that can not be on paper but yes can enjoy through Kiosko y Más. To read it, just download it for only 0.99 euros. If you're a subscriber, you will get free as the other days. Click here to download the edition of ABC today, Monday 1.

Arrested the perpetrator of the attack in St. Petersburg

Russian police have confirmed the arrest of the person responsible explosive attack that injured thirteen people in a supermarket in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, as reported by the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

Russia stresses that have signed more than a thousand accession agreements ceasefire in Syria in 2017

The Center for Reconciliation in Syria, under the Russian Defense Ministry has reported that during the year 2017 have signed more than 1,000 agreements on the accession of municipalities ceasefire.

The Greek Government uses the asylum granted to a Turkish military fled after the attempted coup

The Greek government has announced that it will appeal the decision of the Appeals Committee Asylum granting asylum to Süleyman Özkaynakçi, one of eight Turkish soldiers who fled their country on July 16, 2016, the day after the failed attempt of coup in Turkey.

Two protesters wounded by gunfire during protests in Iran

At least two protesters were injured by bullet shots security forces in the city of Dorud in western Iran, on the third day of anti-government protests that have erupted across the country.

Once the Islamic State militants killed in US drone attacks in Afghanistan

At least eleven Islamic State militants have been killed in several attacks by US drones in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.

Congolese authorities Internet and SMS silence because of the protests of the opposition

Congolese authorities have ordered telcos to disrupt Internet services and telephone messaging by SMS across the country on the occasion of the demonstrations called by the opposition to Sunday.

President of Central African Republic dismisses the Chief of Army

President of Central African Republic, Faustin Archange Touadera, has dismissed the chief of staff of the Army, General Ludovic Ngaïféi, appointed just over a year.

Increased tension in Iran marches for and against the government in major cities

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of major cities in Iran to participate in marches for and against the authorities, in a climate of deep germinated tension in the past 48 hours, witnessed some of the expressions of discontent more rotundas in recent years against the authorities.

Israel attacks Gaza in retaliation for rockets fired on Friday from the Palestinian enclave

Israeli aircraft reported an attack on the positions of Hamas in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for rocket fire last Friday from the Palestinian enclave into Israel.

10 events on the international scene in 2017

2017 has again been marked largely by the terror sown by Islamic State but also by the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula, where it is feared that might set off a new war, the historic condemnation of the 'butcher Bosnia 'Ratko Mladic and death at the hands of Houthis of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, among others.

Shot dead the mayor of Petatlan in southern Mexico

A hooded man has shot at least three times against the mayor of the town of Petatlan, Arturo Gómez Pérez, who died in the attack perpetrated this morning in southern Mexico.

The Brazilian Securities Commission accused eight former corruption Petrobras executives

The Securities Commission (CVM) in Brazil has indicted Friday eight former executives of Petrobras irregularities in the contracting process three drillships, as part of the corruption scandal at the state oil company.

Putin signed the law that toughens penalties for terrorism to life imprisonment

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified the new national legislation that significantly toughens penalties for terrorism to the extent that life imprisonment could be applied and expands charges armed gang association today.

At least 43 injured after a blast at a nightclub in Granada Colombia

At least 43 people were injured after the explosion this past dawn of Granada inside a nightclub in the city of Caucasia, in northwestern Colombia.

At least two dead and 28 injured in a clash between three buses in Ecuador

At least two people were killed and 28 injured Friday after a clash between three buses in Ecuador, near the capital, Quito occur.

The controversial pardon Fujimori decline the pro-government ranks

The presidential adviser Felipe Arturo Ortiz de Zevallos has been the last to leave the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the context of the political crisis that has led to the pardon granted to former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), convicted of crimes against humanity .

Islamic state attributed the explosion in a supermarket in St. Petersburg that left thirteen wounded

Islamic State claimed Friday the responsibility for the attack committed last Wednesday against a supermarket in St. Petersburg, which injured thirteen people, as reported by news agency Amaq linked to the terrorist organization, quoted by SITE Group.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack against the Coptic Church in Cairo

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the bombing on Friday against the Coptic church of Santa Maria Mine in the Cairo district of Helwan, which has resulted in nine dead and a dozen wounded, as reported by news agency Amaq linked the terrorist organization.

Venezuelans take to the streets to demand Maduro traditional 'pork' for Christmas

Dozens of Venezuelans have taken back to the streets these days but not for political reasons, as has been customary in recent years, but to demand that the government of Nicolas Maduro the 'leg', a leg of ham can not miss the table at Christmas and that, however, it is impossible to find for the supply crisis afflicting the country.

Trump insists on the need to build a wall along the border with Mexico to protect US "at all costs"

The US president, Donald Trump has insisted Friday on the need to build a wall along the border with Mexico to protect American power "at all costs".

"We are one of the most solvent insurance companies in the country," says the president of A.M.A.

The pontevedrés doctor Luis Campos Villarino became president of AMA Insurance, mutual health professionals has 650,000 policyholders, last May when he succeeded in office by also pontevedrés Diego Murillo. What are the challenges that AMA for the new year? -The main objective is to grow in all sectors in which we operate and continue to provide quality service with reasonable prices, without skimping on the services we offer our mutuals. More than 650,000 healthcare professionals rely on AMA to ensure different areas of your professional or personal life. We want our mutual base grow, as it has done year after year, helped by our medical expertise and our knowledge of the sector, hoping that all Spanish health is in our mutual time within. AMA was born from a union between physicians, veterinarians and pharmacists and later the entire health sector expanded; and it is this expertise, together with rigorous risk management, which has marked our path and we keep asking ourselves main …

Autonomies have fired their current spending by more than 1,200 million in just one year

Regional governments have shelved times of belt-tightening that came to them imposed by the crisis. October 2016 to October 2017 have triggered their current spending by more than 1,200 million euros. And all this in a context of rising costs that began in 2013 and that, far from finding brake is gradually more and more. Until 2012 the machacona slogan of public expenditure restraint was imposed. The central government insisted particularly hard to autonomous communities, especially those most delicate situation in Catalonia, with the forehead. However, from that year the situation has taken a turn in the opposite direction. According to official data compiled by ABC budget execution since 2013 the current expenditure of the autonomous regions has increased by 19%. This is what regional administrations are going in regular operating expenses. It is, along with the departure of staff, the largest non-financial budget chapter of regional governments. From 1 January to 31 October this y…

The wind farm "Made in Spain" Wikinger in the Baltic, Iberdrola

Iberdrola has connected to the German grid its Wikinger offshore wind farm on the German coast of Sassnitz, on the Baltic Sea. With an investment of 1,400 million euros, this plant will prevent the emission of nearly 600,000 tons of CO2 per year. Wikinger provides 350 megawatts (MW) of capacity to the system through 70 wind turbines capable of supplying renewable energy to about 350,000 households, whose consumption amounts to more than 20% of energy demand in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where it is It located the park. Iberdrola has met the stringent time limits provided in its construction after overcoming its own technological challenges of this type of work and the difficulties arising from the extreme weather conditions of the Baltic Sea during the fall and winter months. The construction phase of this park has been particularly complex and its main stages have been driven into the seabed of 280 piles which hold the foundations, installation of jackets or marine base su…

Correos seal up the national charter 5 cent, to 0.55 euros

The stamp for sending standard letters and postcards and 20e grams to national destinations will rise by 10% (5 cents) on January 1, 2018, so that will cost 0.55 euros, as reported Post. It is the third biggest rise this postal rate, considered public service recorded in the last decade, following 11.1% this year and 10.5% experienced in 2015. With this increase, Correos aims to go "progressively adjusting the price of postage to the costs of maintaining the quality and efficiency of the universal postal service" it provides, explains this public company. As for stamps for sending letters and postcards standardized and less than 20 grams of weight to destinations outside Spain, significant increases were also recorded. A European countries (including Greenland) will rise by 8% (5 cents) and will cost 1.35 euros. Stamps for shipments to destinations beyond Europe become more expensive by 7.4% (10 cents), to 1.45 euros. Regarding postal services that has no consideration of p…

At least two killed in a shootout in the California city of Long Beach

At least two people have been killed and injured in a recorded Saturday in the US city of Long Beach (California) shooting, located about 40 kilometers south of Los Angeles. Long Beach Police told a news conference that one of the deceased is allegedly responsible for the shooting. The authorities also reported investigating this incident as a case of murder and claimed that it was "an incident of violence in the workplace". The shooting happened at 1425 local time (2225 GMT) on 300th Street San Antonio Drive, on the corner of Long Beach Boulevard. Police believe the two dead and the injured were workers of a firm headquartered there. In addition, early indications point to research that responsible for the event could have killed himself after the shooting. The person wounded by gunfire moved on their own to a hospital for treatment before security forces reached the scene of the shooting. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said in a message on his official Twitter profile tha…

Al Sisi keeps the helplessness of nine million Egyptian Christians

The bloodiest attack in the run up to Christmas time in Egypt which in the Orthodox calendar is not celebrated until 7 January- occurred yesterday in a Coptic church in Cairo. But the most poignant and symptomatic took place a week ago in a village further south in the province of Al Guiza, where last December 23 hundreds of Muslims attacked a church, destroyed the furniture and wounded several Christian faithful. Does the "crime" of the parish of San Teodoro, in Kafr al Waslin? Finally it has gotten the Cairo authorities granted the temporary temple right to church status, and therefore have a cross and a bell. The parish serves its temporary premises to 1,500 Copts faithful and has been operating 16 years. For decades, the building of churches in Egypt for its more than nine million Christians is subject to systematic sectarian violence, so many people prefer not to seek the official status and maintain a system almost catacombs. The situation was tolerated by Mubarak, fu…

North Korea sanctions eludes buying offshore oil

Years and years of sanctions against its nuclear program have sharpened the ingenuity of the Stalinist regime in North Korea, which continues to resist despite international pressure. Dodging the latest UN resolutions, which seek to stifle its economy by limiting their supplies of energy and capital, North Korea is buying oil to Chinese and Taiwanese vessels at sea. For these operations, which are prohibited by Resolution 2375, South Korea has seized a ship flying the flag of Hong Kong hired by a company in Taiwan. As reported by the news agency Yonhap, boat, called "Lighthouse Winmore" was confiscated on 24 November after allegedly having sold offshore 600 tons of refined oil to North Korean ships, one of them identified as "Sam Jong 2 », on October 19. The boat service company Billions Bunker Group, had docked days before the South Korean port of Yeosu to load 14,000 tons of Japanese refined oil and take it to Taiwan. But instead, he transferred part of the goods to …

The pardon granted by Fujimori Kuczynski does not exempt from charges for the killing of Pativilca

The killing of Pativilca where six farmers were killed in the nineties overshadows the near future of pardoned former President Alberto Fujimori Fujimori because judicial deadlines were not met to be forgiven. Despite it is having been discharged from hospital last Wednesday 27, Fujimori (1990-2000) still interned in the "Centenario" clinic, where he arrived emergency. In communication with ABC, the National Penitentiary Institute said that Fujimori has no arrest warrant against him because he was pardoned in the case of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta, and was given the right of pardon, in the killing of Pativilca. As reported by ABC Attorney, Cesar Landa, there is a pending hearing in the Judiciary requested by the lawyer of the victims of the Fujimori government, Gloria Cano, where it will settle whether the injunction against Fujimori is not lifted or and this end, the process of killing Pativilca be reviewed. "The pardons may be revised, if they do not meet American …

The "pork crisis" in Venezuela becomes in a revolt of the poor

rampant inflation, chronic shortages and unfulfilled promises have combined to provoke a revolt against misery with which Venezuelans are living the holidays. A protest is not political, like other social unrest fueled by the opposition, but caused by the shortage of daily life, animated by the poorest sectors of the population and has even usually loyal to Chavez areas. Inflation of 2,500 percent at the end of 2017 has driven prices to unbearable levels. And between famine and scarcity, many Venezuelans wonder whether this year will not see the year taking the traditional twelve grapes, which have reached astronomical prices. Nor will there be the usual products at a table year-end: ham, apples, nuts and even a glass of traditional cream punch. The popular uprising has unleashed the so-called "pork crisis". Trumpeted the President Maduro promised the poorest and militant Chavista massive imports of hams for Christmas. But he could not keep his promise, prompting a wave of …

Maduro's government will pay for imports with cryptocurrency known as petro

Minister of Communication and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, has revealed that the Government intends to pay with petro a cryptocurrency newly created whose value is based on the natural resources of the country, its international suppliers, with the aim of bridging and the supply crisis, reports Reuters. Venezuela illiquid due to a drastic reduction in government revenue caused by falling oil prices in the international market because crude exports were the main source of wealth. As a result, the Caribbean nation, which imports almost all goods, no goods like food and medicine. President Nicolas Maduro attributed the shortage to an "economic war" launched by the national and international right. "That is going to end when it's cryptocurrency which is used for exchanging" said Rodriguez, who said that with the arrival of petro, whose first issue is expected "within days" he said, "it will be materially impossible for dictatorial worl…

The government only leaves out the CUP in his first contacts with the separatists

The dates for the constituent session of the new Catalan Parliament will be on Wednesday, 17 January, Mariano Rajoy announced yesterday at the Palacio de la Moncloa. The announcement itself is part of the exceptional situation in Catalonia, since Article 155 of the Constitution applied to restore legality in this community. The Prime Minister, who assumed the duties of president of the Generalitat and delegated to the vice president, has the authority to convene the first session. From there it will run the clock at the inauguration of a new president, or to repeat elections, if no agreement is reached. The Government has contacted in recent days with political groups that have achieved representation in the new parliament after the elections of 21-D. He has just left out of these discussions to the CUP. Specifically, it has been the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, which has spoken with political representatives. Among his partners was the secretary general of ERC, …

27 percent of the pro-independence deputies are under investigation for breaking the plan

Not a misstep, because otherwise, they will return to prison. Thus was stated by Supreme Court Justice Paul Llarena to exconsejeros Carles Puigdemont that freed on 4 December and are now deputies in the Catalan Parliament: Jordi Turull (JPC), Josep Rull (JPC), Raül Romeva (ERC), Carles Mundó (ERC) and Dolors Bassa (ERC). (Meritxell Borràs also was freed that day but she did not show up to the elections of 21-D). Almost a month earlier, on November 9, the magistrate had made a similar former president of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell (ERC) and the members of the Permanent Council that, unlike this one, failed to step on the prison warning because they paid bail imposed: Lluís Guinó (JPC), Lluís Corominas, Anna Simó and Ramona Barrufet (none of the three has been submitted to the elections). Joan Josep also Nuet (CatComú), who was released without bail. In this large group of defendants who have already testified before the judge hearing the proceedings opened against them for…

Junts pel Cat keeps the pulse and warns: "Puigdemont will be sworn '

Although lawyers say that the intention of Carles Puigdemont to become president of the Generalitat, twisting the interpretation of the Rules of Procedure of Catalonia and the Law of the Presidency of the Generalitat, it is not possible if not in situ, being present in the hemicycle in Barcelona, ​​Junts per Catalunya (JPC) held the stake and yesterday sent several darts directed mainly to the Government and its partner ERC. Under the pretext of accusing the "Spanish means" of carrying out a "campaign" by those not accept "democracy and the result of 21-D" JPC sent a argumentario the 34 elected deputies of their training, also distributed to the press, claiming that "the independence movement has an absolute majority", "President Puigdemont is the big winner of the elections" -cita to continue to qualify as "illegitimate" - and therefore "Puigdemont will be sworn in as president . The State can not prevent it. " In…

Bernad is presented as a victim of "political persecution"

Secretary General Clean Hands, Miguel Bernad, gave Friday a press conference for "mediatically remove the writing of the Attorney acuación" he asks almost 25 years in prison for his role in Nelson operation. Bernad denied that he wanted to sell the popular accusation exercised in the Nóos case to the Infanta Cristina will not sit on the bench, and credited the UDEF. On the other hand, he said he was Miquel Roca, the lawyer coordinating the defense of the King's daughter emeritus, who offered "two or three million euros" if it withdrew the accusation. Union leader, who spent more than eight months in custody between April and December 2016, said the offer came through the lawyer Jaime Alonso, former executive vice president of the Francisco Franco Foundation. Speaking to ABC, Alonso has "categorically" denied having discussed this matter with Miquel Roca or people on your team. "It is false," he said. Bernad used the appearance to insist tha…

So parties violate accounting standards

Two thirds of the political parties represented have not passed the examination of the Court of Auditors in 2014 and 2015. In 20 of the 30 political formations subject to audit the annual accounts for the financial year 2014 provisos, while in 2015 were 19 out of 30. These irregularities assume that "the financial statements do not adequately reflect the financial and equity situation" of most matches, according to the latest watchdog report. Formations that have been suspended are Aralar, citizens, coalition's Compromís Coalition EH Bildu Federation EH Bildu, Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, Eusko Alkartasuna, Izquierda Unida and Aragonese Party (Cs and Federation EH Bildu in 2015, the rest in both years). Among the irregularities presented Citizens, the Court of Auditors highlights some donations in kind of 14,371.16 euros. It is' certain electoral invoices issued on behalf of the party "who were paid by" third parties ", which" violates …

Rivera decreed the "end of bipartisanship" launched by the 21-D

Albert Rivera riding the wave of his electoral success in Catalonia. So much self-esteem grows Citizens president ran yesterday as a real replacement for a reformist government of Spain and declared "the end of bipartisanship" of the PP and PSOE. "We are at a weekend political stage in a legislature between the old bipartisanship and the future of Spain," he said. Citizens fault that can not lead a constitutionalist government in Catalonia is the "collapse" of PP and PSC and the "bloody electoral law": Inés Rivera pressure on Arrimadas not try the endowment and thus shook counterattacked. Cs leader did yesterday balance the political year since Congress made it clear that harness the headwind. Polls indicate that ground may continue eating PP and PSOE in the rest of Spain. "Today we are more prepared than anyone and never to deal with the biggest problem of our country," Rivera said presuming his new status as a political leader in Ca…

Spain and Morocco will increase their cooperation in security and against terrorism and crime

Spain and Morocco have gone a step further to enhance cooperation in security and combating crime, including terrorism. Yesterday, the Cabinet authorized the signing of a bilateral agreement in these areas, on the eve of January 9 Their Majesties begin a state visit to the North African country. In addition to signing, the Executive authorized the provisional application of the agreement establishing a framework for collaboration between Madrid and Rabat in a matter that concerns the two governments. In fact, in recent years the security forces and the intelligence services of Spain and Morocco have been cooperating very closely especially in the fight against jihadist terrorism, which has allowed numerous arrests practice. According to the Spanish Government, the agreement reflects "the concern that both countries share the scope of criminal phenomena and the challenges to security trafficking, terrorism, drug trafficking and new forms of transnational crime organized. " T…

"Chewing Gum" pending entry into prison for a drug trafficking offense

José Enrique Abuín, alias "El Chicle," lived less than 15 kilometers from where he disappeared Diana Quer, the distance between the village of Taragoña where he lived Ride A Pobra do Caramiñal where he was last seen with Madrid's young life of 19 years. The police record of this young man 1.80 tall and lover running, which has had ABC access, composed half a dozen records, the most serious sexual assault with penetration ie rape, committed in 2005 his sister. Two years later he was again arrested for a crime of injuries and later that year for another drug trafficking in the so-called "Operation Piñata," a macrocausa against drug trafficking in Corunna. The wheel of the car he was driving Abuín, the Civil Guard found two kilos of cocaine. He was followed by another old acquaintance of agents into a shuttle vehicle. "Chewing Gum" was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison, which apparently was pending. The detainees lived with the blinds down…

The Civil Guard watched closely from summer stopped by the "case Diana '

A stroke of luck backed by thousands of hours of meticulous investigation. A connection between cases has not gone unnoticed. And above all, an unexpected slip. This series of premises could depend on the decision of one of the most enigmatic disappearances in recent years, the young Diana Quer, on 22 August 2016. Eighteen months after he lost the trail in A Pobra do Caramiñal (La Coruna), agents of UCO in collaboration with the coruñesa Judicial Police placed Friday shackles Jose Enrique Abuín, alias "chicle", 41, a camel Rianxo with police records for raping his sister among half a dozen, and they followed the steps discreetly since the summer. His wife was also arrested. Despite this control, the researchers needed more solid than those who had already accumulated evidence since the case was dismissed since April. "Chewing Gum", which had been questioned by the disappearance of Diana, was entrusted by the elapsed with no apparent progress in the investigation t…

The president of the Consell de Mallorca, "Catalan is our greatest collective contribution to humanity '

"We want to be a country proud of our language -the Catalan, our greatest collective contribution to humanity." These words are part of the speech delivered Friday by the president of the Consell de Mallorca, the ecosoberanista MÉS Miquel Ensenyat, during the official ceremony held on the occasion of the commemoration of the National Day of Mallorca. This year this event takes place for the first time on December 31, replacing the traditional 12 September. They have attended the event held this afternoon at the Teatro Principal in Palma various civil and ecclesiastical authorities of the Community. Including the vice president of the Balearic Government, the Bel Busquets also ecosoberanista; President of the Balearic Parliament, Baltasar 'Balti' Picornell, Podemos; or the bishop of Mallorca, Monsignor Sebastia Taltavull. It is recalled that the Mallorca governs in this term tripartite formed by the PSOE, and can MÉS. Throughout his speech, Ensenyat has also defended…

Palestinian teenager who beat a soldier will face several charges in a military court

A Palestinian teenager 16 years that struck on December 15 slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier during a protest in the West Bank must respond before a military court for a crime of assault, as revealed on Thursday the prosecution.

Arab coalition led by Riyadh accuses the UN to put against international opinion

The regional coalition led by Saudi Arabia has accused United Nations to put against international opinion, in response to the "partial" statements he has made on Thursday the humanitarian coordinator of the UN in Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, who called again attention to the numerous civilian casualties from airstrikes, which are mostly the work of Arab alliance orchestrated by Riyadh.

Haftar forces say they already control the entire city of Benghazi

The Libyan National Army, commanded by General Khalifa Haftar, said it has managed to oust Islamist militants from all districts of Benghazi, which would be the ultimate victory in the second largest city in the North African country.

Five Egyptian soldiers killed by a roadside bomb in northern Sinai

An officer of the Armed Forces of Egypt and five soldiers were killed by the explosion of a device to their vehicle in northern Sinai, reported Thursday an army spokesman.

Shoot dead a deputy of Jalisco when he was in the car with his son

The deputy of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in the Mexican state of Jalisco Saul Galindo was killed Thursday when he was in the car with his son, as reported by the political party.

The Venezuelan government intends to pay its international suppliers with the new cryptocurrency

Minister of Communication and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, has revealed Thursday that the government intends to pay the petro a cryptocurrency newly created whose value is based on the natural resources of the country, its international suppliers, with the aim of thus bridging the supply crisis.

The former footballer George Weah wins the presidential elections in Liberia

The former footballer George Weah has won the second round of presidential elections in Liberia, held last Tuesday, so it will be one star, with the outgoing president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first transfer of power that has lived the country in decades between democratically elected presidents.

Kuczynski declared for four hours in the prosecutor for the case Odebrecht

President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, said Thursday during four hours in the Prosecutor's Office to clarify its links with Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, who has acknowledged having paid bribes millionaires throughout the region for public contracts.

Italy's president dissolves parliament ahead of elections in March

The Italian President Sergio Mattarella, dissolved Thursday Parliament and has given rise to the call for new elections on March 4, 2018, after a turbulent legislature has at least ended in an "orderly" in the words of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Islamic State claims the double suicide bombing that left 40 dead at a Shiite center in Kabul

The terrorist group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombing by that has claimed the lives of at least 40 people in Shiite cultural center and a local news agency in Kabul.

Kuwait argues that the Gulf Cooperation Council will remain active despite the dispute with Qatar

Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Khaled Jaralla, has said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will continue to operate despite the dispute between three members and Qatar in which he has tried unsuccessfully to mediate.

Honduras rejects the request Almagro to send a special delegate to examine the protests

The Government of Juan Orlando Hernandez has rejected the request by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, sent to Honduras to a special delegate to examine the protests that have been occurring following the reelection of the president.

Meade, the challenge to clean the image of the PRI and win the Presidency of Mexico

Immersed in allegations of corruption, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of Mexico has opted to launch an external candidate for the presidential elections in July 2018, in an attempt to clean up its image and retain power.

The prime minister said his government did not negotiate with the opposition pardon Fujimori

Prime Minister of Peru, Mercedes Aráoz, has broken Wednesday his silence following the decision of the president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, to pardon the former president Alberto Fujimori, ensuring that neither she nor any member of his government participated in any negotiation or agreement.

The exmilitar Oscar Perez called on Venezuelans to rebel against Maduro

Oscar Pérez, the exmilitar last June stole a helicopter and attacked the Caracas headquarters of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) and the Ministry of Interior, has called on Wednesday Venezuelans to rebel against the country's president, Nicolas Maduro .

The Ukrainian government and the separatists held a prisoner exchange

The Ukrainian government and the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, in the east of the country have carried out this Wednesday a prisoner exchange under the open conflict almost four years ago and has left far more than 10,000 dead.

Tillerson and Lavrov agree to seek a "diplomatic solution" to North Korea

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday have agreed on the need to continue working towards a diplomatic solution to the nuclear crisis with North Korea.

The Government of Israel will Donald Trump name to the new train station in Jerusalem

The Israeli government wants to baptize with the name of the US president, Donald Trump, the new station next train to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, as a token of gratitude for his decision to recognize the holy city as Israel's capital reported the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

Erdogan said that Al Assad is a "terrorist" and that peace will not come with him in power

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar Assad is a "terrorist" and that peace talks can not continue with him at the Syrian Presidency.

Starts the process of evacuation of patients in critical condition from East Ghuta to Damascus

The evacuation of patients in severe in the Syrian region of East Ghuta, controlled by the rebels and besieged by the army state has started on Tuesday night, as reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

They return home by the fire evacuees in Pollença (Mallorca)

They have returned after midnight residents of about 60 homes evacuated in northeast Mallorca because of its proximity to the bushfire Coll de Siller, between Pollença and Port de Pollença, whose extinction hinders the wind to their homes, according to 112. The Balearic Institute of Nature (IBANAT) reported that the work focuses on preventing the fire, declared around 21.30 pm on Wednesday, advancing towards the houses, during extinction of forest fires, which on 22.15 was level 1 declared its proximity to inhabited areas. Two pumper vehicles, 14 brigadiers of IBANAT two environmental agents, three technicians and a foreman working in extinction, reports the IBANAT on your Twitter profile on this fire, which also work Firefighters Mallorca. Have joined the work the local police, the Civil Guard, SEIB061, volunteers and technicians Endesa Civil Protection, according to the 112. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reported that the wind will drop in intensity during night, but can …

The Campos in New York: "Prepare the book that I will not stop '

The family Campos Campos copar TV schedule again, this time with a new program on Telecinco that follows the mother with her two daughters running around New York. The three big women through the most exclusive parts of the city including discussing, talking, remembering and fighting like girls together sometimes. "The Fields" began with the three fields in her living room. Sitting in an armchair, the matriarch, and the two daughters of franqueándola foot. Maria Teresa Campos, in a solemn tone and great speech, reviewed the year now ending in all fields. Nothing was left in the inkwell to the fields, nor the situation that is going through Catalonia. Also he took the opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2018 to all viewers before heading to the airport. Barajas began the problems with billing, tickets and luggage. After several delays and misunderstandings the Campos family boarded the plane at the last minute miracle and already looking forward to gettin…

Maduro charge against Macri: "It's a rat pipe»

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, struck again on Wednesday the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, whom he called "rat pipe" and "godfather of the Venezuelan fascist right". "Macri is the godfather of the Venezuelan fascist right (...) If they (the opposition) came one day would govern Venezuela worse than what you are doing Macri in Argentina," Maduro said in a ceremony televised delivery of social housing in Caracas. Chavez's president said that Macri 'raised the age of retirement (...) to 70 years' and 'also took their pensions to people with disabilities, Malvinas combatants "and" mothers of households' and he added: "it's a rat, a rat pipe, because it represents the most rancid oligarchy who despises the people." "Ah, but if it Venezuela a Macri, Can you imagine one Macri as president of the Republic of Venezuela? What would I do? Would defeat the security system, social protection, &qu…

The pilot who attacked the headquarters of the Venezuelan Supreme Court calls the rebellion in the streets

The "Rambo" Venezuelan Oscar Pérez, rereleased on Wednesday a video in social networks in which calls the population and the security agencies to take to the streets to protest against the regime of Nicolas Maduro and "seek freedom ". Former inspector of the Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) led an assault ten days ago to a quarter of the Bolivarian National Guard in Laguneta of San Pedro de los Altos, in Miranda state, where he stole more than 27 guns , short arms and ammunition. In her video activation invoked Articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution, which allow Venezuelans to rebel when the government violates and violates their rights. Oscar Pérez was accompanied by fellow officers, some of whom wore balaclavas. One of the companions urged the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to stop the fear and come out in defense of citizens. "The administration and custody of weapons we can not provide for extortion, we can not grant for …