Talavera homage to the republican prisoners who built the canal Alberche faces the PSOE and the PP

The deputy spokesman of the PSOE in the City, Flora Bellón, lamented this morning the obstacles that the PP government has set for the celebration, in the center Rafael Morales, the act of homage to the republican prisoners who made the channel of Alberche this morning . "The large number of people who wanted to be here today shows that Jaime Ramos is not the mayor of all talaveranos" Bellon said in a press release from the PSOE. Bellón attended the event along with other socialist comrades, as the councilors Luis Flores, Javier Corrochano, Nieves Horsemen and Carlos Gil, plus David Gómez, delegate of the Board, and Deputy José Miguel Camacho. All participated in the tribute with representatives of various groups, as well as relatives of prisoners who were working on the canal works "in some harsh conditions, which cost them health and often life". Bellon: "The large number of people who have been here Jaime Ramos evidence is not the mayor of Talavera" The representative of the family thanked all collective presence and commitment. Later, Professor Pérez Conde explained how the work and the harsh conditions endured by prisoners Republicans were developed. Given the refusal of the Government of Talavera, chaired by Jaime Ramos, to authorize the placement of the ceramic plate that has been made for the occasion, it has been placed "symbolically" a reproduction versus what was the Prison Silk after the Civil War. However, attendees had the opportunity to see the original and red carnations lay at his feet. Professor Benito Díaz has been in charge of closing the event. Riolobos: "García-Page supports communists, republicans and anti-constitutional acts" The PSOE recalled that the tribute to the republican prisoners who made the channel of Alberche, which so transformed the lives of Talavera and peoples of the area, agreed in the full city Council Talavera in September 2015 with the votes against the PP. "After two years of taking long, and the government of Jaime Ramos rejected the proposed locations" agreed not to delay it more, so it has carried out the homage and saved the plate "to place another time ". In another press release, Deputy Secretary of Communications of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha and talaverana senator, Carmen Riolobos, has accused the president of the region, Emiliano García-Page, of supporting anti-constitutional "communist acts, Republicans and allowing the Talavera PSOE will join placing a republican flag. " Riolobos stressed the support of the PP in Castilla-La Mancha to the mayor, who opposes the facility "because he understands that you can not use flags and symbols not included in the Constitution in an official badge." "Radical Heading Page» The representative of the PP has said that "Page radicalized at times and pays homage to support this proposal Ganemos Talavera" so Riolobos considers that the regional president is "consentidor" support your local group the unconstitutional initiative Ganemos Talavera. The talaverana senator noted that "the Ganemos group is determined to install a plaque with the Republican flag in memory of prisoners who built the canal under the Alberche Cazalegas and Dam." It is an initiative passed with the vote for the PSOE in the municipal plenary Talavera, "but in that post and unilaterally, PSOE and Ganemos have included symbols that are not included in the Constitution, as is the Republican flag, "according Riolobos. "Without a doubt, the podemita drift and radical course of García-Page and PSOE concerned not only thousands of Castilian-La Mancha, but also people who voted them and even their own members," concluded Riolobos.


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