Ledezma asks Trump to "punish" Chavismo with more sanctions

Seldom since the Venezuelan opposition has called for so vehemently to the United States to impose sanctions against Chavez and in the letter that the platform Venezuela'm just sent to Donald Trump. The letter has fueled opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, who after his flight to Spain is these days in Washington. The sign also Maria Corina Machado, whose opposition work in Venezuela are being limited by the government, and former ambassador to the United Nations Diego Arria. The three leading Soy Venezuela, the new platform by Ledezma last week in Madrid. The letter openly calls the government of Nicolas Maduro of "narco-military tyranny" and says that this is "under the control of the Cuban regime and under the growing military and economic influence of Russia and China." Therefore signatories Trump thank his "firm and clear position" manifested in the sanctions against senior Venezuelan officials applied so far. "They are very important and we hope that all US agencies and the international community to continue punishing the many others who are accountable for their abuses." From the White House and the State Department has said privately that the US sometimes I did not go further in its sanctions partly because several Venezuelan leaders made them reach their objections to this policy. I Venezuela is now trying to counter this opposition acting, appearing as the free voice of any hidden Venezuelan commitment to Maduro. Ledezma, Machado and Arria warn US You have to be very aware of the threat to their safety and the drift region represents Venezuela, and indicate that Trump is proving to know that risk. "We know that you understand," say addressing the US president, "how serious and dangerous is to have a narco-state in the region. Venezuela is not an island; its geographical position and its vast natural resources make it a much more serious threat that Cuba was and is today. "


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