He approaches the coveted Debutante Ball in Paris

Called Paul-Louis of Nassau, the Gouvello of Timat Octave, Giacomo Belmondo, Wynton Harvey, Padmanabh Singh ... they are princes, barons, viscounts or "children" that next Saturday 25 November accompany twenty girls in celebration of the 25th Debutante Ball to be held at the Peninsula Hotel Paris and, in the words of "Forbes" is "putting the world's most exclusive long." A ceremony in which twenty girls will be presented at a gala society inspired by the dances that organized the couture house of Jean Patou in the mid-twentieth century. Image of the third edition of the Debutante Ball - Yolanda Cardo Although the legend says that the aristocracy and gentry should pay up to 100,000 euros for their daughters to participate in this exclusive event, it is not. There is only one way to attend the Debutante Ball, and you're invited. A charity night in which money is collected for two organizations: Enfants d'Asie, which promotes education for girls in Southeast Asia; and Seleni Institute, an NGO that provides support for teenage mothers. The supreme excellence is simplicity #lebal #lebaldesdebutantes #debutantes #debs #hautecouture #couture #fashion #paris #eliesaab #loriharvey #thepeninsulaparis #payalnewyork #renault #seleniinstitute #enfantsdasie A shared publication of lebal.paris (@ lebal.paris) 30 Oct 2017 to (s) 11:57 PDT Among the lucky ones chosen to participate this year include Helena Alesi, daughter of racing driver Jean Alesi; Lasnet Cecily, daughter of the model Stella Tennant; Ava Phillippe, Laila Blavatnik, daughter of the owner of Warner Music; daughter of actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe; or niece of French filmmaker Louis Malle, Jeanne, among many others and reveals the organization of the event through his Instagram account. Only a Spanish girl will participate this year: Amina, daughter of Cayetano Martinez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova, who has chosen his brother Louis as a companion. Deb! of le Bal at the Milan Fashion week! #lebal #lebaldesdebutantes #debutantes #debs #hautecouture #couture #fashion #fashionweek #milanfashionweek #mfw #milan #soniabenammar #camerondallas #thepeninsulaparis #payalnewyork #renault #seleniinstitute #enfantsdasie A shared publication of lebal.paris (@ lebal.paris) the October 6, 2017 to (s) 8:45 PDT being one of the knights of these "princesses" to be chosen, nothing is easier. "Beginners can invite whomever they want," says Ophélie Renouard, director of the dance, who says that often choose his brother. Many other "little ladies" prefer not to meet his companion, he is at that moment when Ophélie Renouard team gets down to work to find the ideal guy. "We decide who can go with whom, depending on their age, their height, their language and their stories," she explains responsible for choosing companions, Joëlle Pichon, during an interview with the French magazine Madame Figaro.


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