Vago up to bind: "I'm very fond of the sofa '

First First Dates First Dates weekly edition, the space of four designed to solve the problems of spinsterhood Spanish. Blind dates are, as you said its presenter Carlos Sobera "a journey into the unknown where you have to be willing to know everything." Cásting organizers are right many times, are thoughtful and many other m eten leg match when contestants. That was the case of Vicente and Teresa, whose inconsistency was clear from minute one. Both fifties and burgalenses, their commonalities not go much further. She introduced herself as raucous and adventurous, bailonga, with many birds in the head and a teenage character. "He looked for someone who would like to move, you feel like doing things that have never done," he confessed. No luck with Vicente, who hardly venture beyond the limits of your couch. "What you do in your spare time?" Teresa was interested. "For it to rest, stay on the couch, watch a show ..." was his response uninspiring. Vicente is a lot like Homer Simpson character for his vagrancy, or even at the same Vicente of "The looming". They did not stop leaving his odes to the couch and lazy life lips, even to claim to have "much affection for his couch." It is also true that showed willingness to atone for his sin: "If I know an interesting person, I would be willing to leave my couch." And there were no signs of laziness. Shortly after he confessed that he lived with his mother, and she cooked and chose clothes. "What I'm cooking, if my mother's kitchen?". It was a comment that liked much to his companion. The outcome shouted. Teresa he looked little excited from the beginning, since his desire to fly did not seem to be satisfied with were the home Vicente. Since the program account they took it with humor: "At least Vicnete will continue throughout the sofa to himself." If we find a positive point we could say that Vicente was left all alone for the couch, right? # FirstDates470 First Dates (@firstdates_tv) October 30, 2017


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