They will try the Guinness record for the biggest band in a football stadium

The Federation of Music Societies of Valencia (FSMCV) will try to achieve three Guinness World Record, the largest music lesson, the largest parade of marching bands and the greatest band in the world during the celebration of its 50th anniversary. This was announced at its 49th General Assembly held in Elda (Alicante), a meeting that has had managers of 547 Valencian musical societies and has revolved around the organization of events to commemorate 50 years of life FSMCV . On May 26, the idea is to gather at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia to jointly touch musicians of all musical societies to achieve create the biggest band in the world, a spectacle "created and designed for musicians". For this event, the organization also studying the possibility of beating other records as the largest percussion group, larger group of clarinets or larger ensemble of flutes. With its anniversary, the federation wants to "show the world the Valencian musical universe" and increase "even more" cohesion of the group, so it has been "challenged herself" to beat three world records highlights the organization in a release. In bullrings The first will be to achieve the greatest lesson of music that has been given so far and will try both Saturday April 21 at the bullring in Castellon as a week later, on 28 April, of Alicante. Once this challenge, the second will be to get the largest parade of marching bands, for the FSMCV try, with the City of Valencia, which bands of all musical societies parade through the streets of the capital on Saturday May 26, 2018. in short, through the celebration of the 50th anniversary, the federation wants "everyone knows the musical societies of Valencia, their work and their great contribution to the field of popular music" , he claimed the president of FSMCV, Pedro Rodríguez. Alongside these actions, it has also scheduled two conferences with the press, one on education and other support to assess public representatives give the group. In closing, the FSMCV participate in June next year at a congress of music education will be several concerts and artistic units.


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