The musical challenge Pablo Alboran Pablo Motos and

Pablo Motos last night received the popular actor Mariano Peña, who came to Hormiguero 3.0 Work of God to present his new play that will represent in the Fine Arts in Madrid between 8 November and 7 January. This comedy, which comes from success in New York and in Spain directs Tamzin Townshed, born from a text by writer David Jaberbaum, who adapted a series of tweets from his Twitter account @thetweetOfGod, which tells how the Almighty down to Earth and choose a theater where his chosen people dictate to the New Ten Commandments, the El hormiguero 3.0 consider that the above are outmoded. Through the Ten Commandments were doing a tour of human vices: lust, lying, laziness ... Members of the public admitted some of the fattest lies that had been told in your life, with surprising results: "I downloaded virus my work computer to not have to work, "" I told my partner who had a twin sister if he saw me with another saying it was not me. " Cristina Pardo, presenter and reporter of Sixth, was invited on the show to discuss how met, or rather fail to comply, the Ten Commandments our politicians. The final verdict does not speak too well of the morality of our public representatives. Do the Spanish politicians with the 10 commandments? # MarianoPeñaEH- Antena 3 (@ antena3com) October 30 announcement 2017El star of the evening was the appearance of Pablo Alboran next on the program to perform live the song written together Pablo Motos. The Malaga-born musician had challenged the presenter in September between the two composing a song following the method of "exquisite corpse". Each wrote a verse from the últimpo written by the other, and it was constructed a crazy song. During the program could enjoy a small preview of what you will hear on 13 November. @pabloalboran the challenge of Pablo Motos continues ... This was continued Pablete 😂😂 🎥 video via Followers Alboran (@f_pablo_alboran) October 18, 2017


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