The "Mapfre" did not give options on the Coast of Alicante

The "Mapfre", skippered by Xabi Fernandez and Pablo Arrarte at the helm gave no option to their rivals at the premiere of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. The Spanish boat took a lead at second-placed "DongFeng" 1 minute and 28 seconds in a race that lasted 54 minutes and 41 seconds. It is the coastal race, which was played on a windward-leeward course of six sections with little wind intensity, which made equipment used more tactics than technique. And since leaving the "Mapfre" doctorate. With the entire fleet bulwarks to starboard coming with speed exit, the Spanish ship, which was furthest leeward, was on port tack for in the last seconds jibe and take the exit for the "pin", but there was a gap between stockings Spanish fleet saw very well and decided to go sailing on port tack with good speed to go by the committee boat and gain the right of the course. very risky, but spotless and without hesitation as output've never seen in any of the previous Spanish ships of the Volvo Ocean Race. Támara Echegoyen what celebratesla key to success of "Mapfre was in choosing the side of the course. At first the fleet opted for the left minus the" Mapfre "and" AkzoNobel "which climbed right. There was a lot more pressure, at least to sail with two knots more speed, and while the Spaniards sailed alone on the other side "DongFeng", "Brunel" and "Vestas". Mala option chosen by the Chinese team fought, which has much higher quality than its rivals and that should not come into this absurd "war" to get to windward advantage. Meanwhile, the "Mapfre" getting increasingly advantage. Impressive navigation placed in the race Juan Vila breaking all maximum candle, who they say they never have to go down where it has gone up. the Spanish made six sections to the right of the field by half a mile less than the "DongFeng". the surrounded winners aficionadosLa race, which was a doze for him there was little wind, was hotly contested in the continuous changes that occurred between "Brunel", "DongFeng" and "Vestas". With the "Mapfre" laying down the law and increasingly lead the fight it was clearly to win second place. In the first three sections, this place was for the "Hong Kong", the "Brunel" and "Vestas" with a "DongFeng" very hurt by the desventes a very seasoned and cunning Bouwe Bekking. From the fourth tacking beacon, the Chinese team and he took control and placed second to the end. Its natural place and that now the Chinese team is postulated as an alternative to "Mapfre" far superior in all races have been played before the start of the Volvo Ocean Race. Remember that coastal regattas do not add score in the overall standings and only apply to in case of a tie between teams in the final arrival in The Hague decide the tiebreaker. Sunday October 22 will exit at the first stage between Alicante and Lisbon about 700 miles. Thus it was the race 1. "Mapfre" (Eng.) (Xabi Fernández), 0: 54.41. 7 points. 2. "DongFeng" (Chi.) (Charles Caudrelier), 1.28. 6. 3. "Vestas" (USA / Din.) (Charlie Enright), 2.19. 5. 4. "Brunel" (Hol.) (Bouwe Bekking), 2.35. 4. 5. "Scallywag" (Hong Kong) (David Witt), to 3.29. 3. 6. "AkzoNobel" (Hol.) (Jules Salter), 3.52. 2. 7. "Clean Seas" (UN) (Dee Caffari), 5.07. 1. "AkzoNobel" dismisses Tiepont The Dutch team AkzoNobel has dismissed the skipper of his boat, Simeon Tiempont, apparently because of disagreements with the rest of the team. The Dutch company, the first confirmed its participation in the 2017-18 edition, decided on Friday afternoon without Tiempont, who faced his third experience in the race, the first as a standard. Tiempont no longer participated in the training race, but from the Dutch team is not an official version of his absence, which has been confirmed today offered. This morning, in the hours before the coastal race, Tiempont was not enrolled as a member of the crew, which will definitely disabled to take part in the World Tour. Statements Xabi Fernández (Pattern "Mapfre"): "I'm very happy with how 'Patan' saw the hole in front of Brunel and went for him at the exit option was very clear to John and Rob, who wanted to go to. right on the first beat to go for more wind. Our initial intention was to go out like everyone else, but as I said before, then Paul saw the gap when Brunel could not accelerate so we went to the cross and then we had plenty of room again . on the right it went very well. I think we all know that the team is strong but Paul is our main driver, combiando with Rob, which is very strong in the tack and Blair and John, we realized from minute one they are a good combination. Paul is strong and not afraid in any situation, it leads. it all starts in a week, you can not start better. Very pleased with how the team has made from a perfect start to port to the right. We want to thank all the public support, we have seen many boats here. Only one week left to start the race of truth "(Mapfre Captain Antonio Cuervas Mons and bow"). "" We won at home. I think it's good for the team and for the people who support us here in Alicante and Spain in general news. I am very excited. We now have a week to enjoy the victory. We left on port tack, by the committee boat, which is a risky departure, but on board were clear that the right was the good side and so we have come to port across all sterns. And the truth is that it was the good side, the little we have put first start. A bit risky but a success. It was a clear decision to Patan at the helm and navigation Juan, and it went well. the work we've done this winter in Sanxenxo, with Dongfeng and ourselves is in operation. It is good to see that the work you've done bears fruit but do not rely that this race is largísuima and how important is the ocean. From day 22 it is when the real action begins "(Mapfre Sophie Ciszek Crewman"). "" It's very exciting. You can not ask for much more than winning the first race of the event. We sailed very well and we won by enough, why it's so exciting. I guess we can still improve, so it's a good sign. It's amazing win in the team's home country. Our start was a bit crazy. It was a good move and it worked, and we took the lead almost immediately. I think we've done a lot of preparation in Spain and have been training a lot together. I think we're very solid. "


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