The best educational tool for the XXI century

A Herculean education can be achieved through multiple and different educational methods but all of them, without exception, should have essentially the commitment, competence and vocation of a solid teaching corpus. For various reasons, in recent times, the image of the teacher has certainly been blurred by decreasing much of the authority and respect that had been experiencing since its classical origins. So much so that educational institutions rarely, named teachers as a promotional piece to attract the attention of parents and students. Are other elements such as educational facilities, methodology, extracurricular activities or new technologies applied to teaching which take center stage before the virtues of a talented faculty. No doubt that all the above factors are essential to ensure a complete and comprehensive education, but is not primarily the teacher who holds the key that opens the doors of success or failure? If schools really are confident that their teachers are the future of their students, and also its reputation as an academic institution, they must work together to restore the central position they deserve in this century digitized. It is noteworthy time its value and placed in the bone of the education system. Why the emphasis from Caxton College in the qualities that an educator involved with their profession, must possess to sow the seeds of knowledge in their students. "It is essential to bet on the talent in an increasingly demanding society. For this reason, our teachers go through a selection process to access only those who credited a number of powers to ensure a competent educational work. Also, we worry that annually attend training programs that place them at the forefront of educational change, "says Marta Gil, deputy director of the British School of Puçol. Teachers for the twenty-first century Increasingly teachers adapt to the digital age and immerse themselves in new methodologies to provide attractive classes that help students achieve academic success. Caxton College points out some of these new skills that a good teacher should incorporate into its dynamics work in classrooms: Ability to foster in students a critical and divergent thinking. -Master to provide students with a researcher and reflective character. -Skills to apply gamification in the classroom. active and effective of new information technologies intended for their subjects -knowledge. creative and innovative-qualities that bring their subjects to everyday reality. -Experience to design their own teaching resources Bidirectional organizing classes where students collaboratively, interact and form part of the training process. -Techniques so that students are content producers and work for interdisciplinary educational projects. -Competence to use the error as a source of learning. -qualities to boost the autonomy and independence of student. -Required competences to promote affective empathic relationships with the student. -Solvencia to combine emotional and cognitive education. -Show an ethical commitment and a model of exemplary behavior. Promoting talent Caxton College offers an annual training program that expands and updates the knowledge and skills of their teaching staff. This proposal is highly valued by the faculty who aspires to continue growing in his career. In this way, you get to keep your motivation and increasingly higher qualifications obtained in his professional career. "As interesting is to attract talent like knowing hold him. It is therefore important to create a comfortable environment and respectful workplace in which comradeship, recognition, trust and teamwork to help the teacher acquires a sense of belonging is installed, "says Marta Gil. Masters At a time where new technologies emerging with force in classrooms and eclipsing the figure of the educator, it's time to reveal his authority and mastery are more alive than ever. The best educational tool for this century is unquestionably an adapted to the new reality, closer to parents and students faculty, which bases its expertise in talent, which promotes perseverance and, as I said Socrates, " try to make people think and let them see the real knowledge they have about things. "


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