Spanish manufacturing the unicorn

Many try. Few succeed. And only a select few succeed. The project represents a long road full of obstacles, which fall just means an opportunity to return to levanterte. Only two out of ten startup fails to reach the three years of living in Spain, a country that nevertheless has returned to take muscle at the South Summit edition this year. The fair, which represents the largest industry event in southern Europe, was held this week at the resort of N @ ve, located in the Madrid district of Villaverde. Your cover letter have been 150 international investment funds with a portfolio of more than 34,000 million dollars and more than 650 investors and "business angels" from around the world. A gigantic platform that enables thousands of entrepreneurs embarking on new rounds of funding, or perhaps even more importantly, take the leap into new customers. "We are very pleased with the outcome of the event, which has been outstanding at the enterprise level. There have been some 1,600 meetings between startups and investors, "explains María Benjumea, creator of Infoempleo, founder of Startup-South Summit and organizer of the event since 2012. This edition has national accent. According Benjumea, the ten finalists of the Startup Competition -in which finally imposed Wallbox- are national. 53% of the 3,500 submitted had originated outside Spain. "We have an ecosystem that is growing every year, and powerful determinant of economic growth. We should be proud, "says the organizer of the Summit. The profile of the winner of this edition reflects new trends in Spanish entrepreneurship. Wallbox beat thanks to its "charging system for electric and hybrid arrival contributing to sustainable transportation vehicles," according to the organization. Between artificial intelligence and data analysis-and this event is being held traditional step with increasing frequency as the sustainable alternative transport open. innovative proposals seeking to create the coveted unicorn, the company that reaches an earlier private valuation at the IPO or acquisition of 1,000 million dollars. But not all prizes and myths. Among the 12,000 attendees who have been cited in the exhibition they have intermingled investors, business representatives and startup ... in all phases of growth. Everyone in the show what suits you best. "Many are obsessed with getting financing, but for this we must have a good customer base first. What is important for these companies is to hunt where they drink their gazelles "says Vicente Muñoz, president of the Lazarus accelerator, which gives more value to companies that target consumers exclusively. "Your business metrics are the first thing they ask you. We have contacts with six inverters much highlighting our figures, "adds Zigor Lapera, cofounder of Grouping Hotels, a group accommodation finder which opens in the Summit. According to him, tourism Tenda that degree of digitization has helped the growth of your company. "We were not looking funding only came here to gain visibility. We just launched our application and in recent days we have seen a rise of 300 or 400 more visits. Just by being in the Summit. " Toni Lopez, Wibber-a specialized application to use the "big data" to develop a digital marketing strategy for other firms highlights the most important event is the "scope" allows. "There will be time to arrange meetings later," he says. "I have not yet released to ride my company, I have just come to hear how others have done," explains meanwhile Diego Pérez Cruz. A sector "boiling" Tourism, transport or b2b digital marketing have had great space in the festival. But they have not reached the relevance of a sector that itself admits María Benjumea, is "boiling" means Fintech. The minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, referred in his speech to how technology 'blockchain "could transform the future financial sector. Alexander Weber, director of international markets N26 mobile bank, has been one of the representatives of this market higher in the contest. He believes that this transformation must also reach the brand image. "We want to be a bank that customers are proud to use," he says. The N26 project is to build a mobile bank that is able to operate at European level and lead the sector Fintech in just a couple of years. It highlights the growth of these technologies, more than 100% in recent years and warns, "We are very interested in Spain. It is a rising market in the sector ".


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