Six million to improve roads in the Sierra de San Vicente

The president of the council of Toledo, Álvaro Gutiérrez, has accompanied the Minister of Public Works of Castilla-La Mancha, Agustina García, the presentation of the road program the Community Board for the Sierra de San Vicente in which Government regional invest 6.3 million euros, one in 2018. According to the minister said, "the mayors of the area have long been demanding these improvements for their people, who were not at the height of the region we have, and after four years knocking on the door of the previous government and not be heard, now see fulfilled the executive García-Page a commitment he made himself here. " Élez Garcia praised the joint work has borne fruit administrations to this comprehensive program for the Sierra de San Vicente, which will act on the improvement and upgrading of 27.6 kilometers with a total investment of 6,331,565 euros. Proceedings in this case, the planned measures will benefit the 15,000 inhabitants of the region, as it directly influences El Real de San Vicente, Almendral de la Cañada and Pelahustán. These municipalities will be improved considerably road connections with the populations of Sartajada, La Iglesuela, Nombela, Escalona and the border of the province of Avila, all of them are with communicating via the CM-5001 and CM-5005 . The sections where you need to work are the CM-5001, CM-5002 intersection to El Real de San Vicente (including crossing); CM-5001, of El Real de San Vicente to the intersection with the CM-5005; CM-5001, CM-5005 intersects with the boundary of the province of Avila; CM-5005, of Pelahustán to the intersection with the CM-5001; CM-5005, Glen Almendral of the intersection with the CM-5006; and CM-5005, CM-5001 intersects Almendral de la Canada. Gutierrez welcomed the commitment of the Board to a region "important need of such investments not only encourage their development, but for something as basic as set population." Just a week ago they have completed improvement works of the Provincial Council of Toledo has developed on the road linking the towns of El Real de San Vicente and Navamorcuende, and in which the provincial institution has invested 551,000 euros.


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