Seychelles and the UK restrict tourism to Madagascar by the Black Death

The health crisis plaguing Madagascar following the outbreak of Black Death deadliest in recent years may have important economic consequences in transportation, catering and especially in tourism and leisure. Since last August, 124 people have died from this infectious disease in all its variants (bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic). So far, the authorities have reported more than 1,200 cases, 67% of them is infected by pulmonary or pneumonic plague, the most virulent and deadly variant if not treated with antibiotics. It is still early to assess the impact that this outbreak will bring the ailing Malagasy economy still trying to recover from the political crisis that brought the coup of 2009. Madagascar has a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of about $ 400 (about 340 euros). The main fear is that the disease will spread through maritime trade and air routes. Why tourism, which was beginning to take off in recent years with an annual growth of 20 percent, may end up being one of the most affected sectors. In 2016, some 300,000 tourists visited this African island of lush nature. Suspension of flights so far only the Seychelles islands have suspended flights to and from this destination. Since last October 8 and until further notice, there are no direct flights between the two countries. Seychelles, an idyllic luxury destination that relies heavily on tourism, desperately trying to prevent the disease from reaching its shores. Earlier this month, there was a suspected case of plague in the paradisiacal islands, however it turned out to be a false alarm. Madagascar continues to receive daily passengers by sea and air to and from Reunion and Mauritius. The British government, meanwhile, has extreme caution. Those English tourists who were on the holiday island face a quarantine on their return and for those who plan to travel in the coming weeks is recommended to have good medical coverage and emergency funds paracubrir expenses in case of contracting the disease . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain for now recommends caution if traveling to the island at all times and avoid contact with people suspected of pneumonic plague. He said Monday the ministry, so far there has been no ill of Spanish origin. According to information provided by the consular jurisdiction of Cape Town, 73 Spaniards residing in this African island earlier this year. "People want to get back to normal" The low level of education and lack of information triggered rumors about this highly contagious disease. To help understand what the black plague, many NGOs are visiting the main foci of infection and large cities to inform those affected and their families on the mechanisms of infection and treatment of this disease. This is the case support team of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders of Madagascar. "We have a team of guidance and counseling that crosses the island to dismantle the rumors that there about this disease," says Tim Jagatic ABC, spokesman for Doctors Without Borders in Madagascar. According says one of the widespread belief is that "man this outbreak is created to steal organs". Despite the state of alarm, spokesman MSF highlights the relative normality that exists on the island. "The streets are full and markets also, people do normal life. However, if you stop to talk to them are concerned, they have many questions, such as can prevent infection, "says Jagatic this newspaper. "People just want to get back to normal as soon as possible" ends.


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