Secrets: "All our efforts are aimed to address the lack of Enrique Urquijo '

"In Los Secretos we have never had great discussions and ego problems. We've always had the feeling that we had to leave, it was not by choice. We have not said: "So far we have come." Just what we gave for granted. First, when Canito dies; later when Peter died, and finally, my brother ... I'll tell you what, "admits Álvaro Urquijo, which premiered yesterday in the New Alcala Theater of Madrid, a documentary film about the forty-year career of the group: "A life by your side". He already two years ago this newspaper said: "Death, industry and drugs were our three enemies." So much so that could be considered a miracle continue to release albums and gigging with a huge legion of followers behind. "We always found the way to reconstruct with the remaining pieces," says the youngest of the Urquijo, only founding member who is still active. It all started back in 1978. "Canito (José Enrique Cano) was the germ of all. His dream was to start a band and I suggested that my brothers to join us and take care of bass and guitar ", says the greatest of Urquijo, Javier, in the documentary, on the first tragedy suffered by the group. At dawn on January 1, 1980, a car took him ahead on the road to Canito La Coruna, while waiting on the hard shoulder the arrival of his band mates and other friends. Someone had the "brilliant" idea of ​​ending the New Year's party in Villalba and there they all went in three cars, not knowing that this would end the life of this young man of only 17 years and a huge future with cough, one group formed with the three brothers, brief background of secrets. The tribute concert that Urquijo organized in memory of his friend, with Nacha Pop, Alaska and Los Pegamoides and others is considered today the opening ceremony of the Madrid scene. Soon they left behind the first trials in the candy factory Torrejon's aunt Canito had lent them on weekends - "there came" Another late "and some versions of Steve Miller, The Byrds and Bob Dylan without any pretense to entertain us "- and the attention they had earned radios with only one demo recorded. Brand had just come of age, but we had to start from scratch. Canito, in an image shortly before his death in 1980 - ABC Pedro A. Díaz They recruited - "we liked that I could sing and play at the same time what we remembered drummer of The Eagles" - and, before the end 1980 passed and called Secrets. The name referred to the fact that Javier and Alvaro Enrique will take up to two years to tell his father who had assembled a band, because he wanted to study a career. "When he found out, he had an attack. After a while asked who sang and when we told her that Henry remained unseated, since he had not sung in his life ", says Urquijo, who then adds:" It was not to see us act until 1983, when we were no car to go to Alicante and agreed to take us in his Seat 132. After the concert, he said: "Damn, you do it very well, did not know! '". And I said, "Sure, headstrong, as you know if you did not come to see us. '" Thereafter he spent a little anger. However, soon after that, on 12 May 1984, the second blow occurred. After recording their first three albums with Universal subsidiary, Polydor, and reap hits like "Let 'substitute Canito also lost his life in a traffic accident. Was 24 when the truck he was riding in passenger crashed into a tractor and another vehicle on the A-2 (Guadalajara). This tragedy ended the first stage of the band. "Your music smells of cows' At that time, the record gave them kicked -" we were not willing to follow the guidelines of the market and told us: "Your music smells of cows and here have nothing to do and" "- and Javier Urquijo left. "Shit pasta I had won, I spent at the computer and carousing. And when he died Peter had fatal. They had to borrow money from my parents up to snuff, "he confesses Alvaro, who added in the documentary:" Those first four years I consider them as a recess in which all desparramamos, we play, we record and we tried everything. " Enrique (left) and Álvaro Urquijo in concert Secrets 1994 - ABC Ramón Arroyo, current guitarist, was one of the revulsivos of this new stage. Before finishing the 80 they recorded three albums with Twins and entered the 90s with hit albums like "Goodbye Sadness" or "Change of Plans" and up to two compilations. But in November 1999, when they were better, they received the worst news of all: Enrique appeared dead in a doorway of Malasaña. Same seeking refuge in the study of Joaquín Sabina, "always at three or four in the morning" to play guitar and exchange ideas for new songs. "We became fugitives, cousins ​​and friends, because we liked the same territory, which was melancholy," recalls the author of "And we got ten" or "Pongamos que hablo de Madrid" in this documentary directed by Chema Vargas, in which former bandmates, journalists of the time, childhood friends and other musicians like Pancho Varona, David Summers, Ara Malikian or Nacho Vega also participate. "Everything we have done since then has been directed to supply its lack. To me he gave me vertigo assume the composition and singing. Note that he did temazos of those who continue to speak in decades, "says ABC the lesser of Urquijo, three days before the tragic event received a desperate call from his brother, tending to depression," Alvaro, I'm fatal, come here and take me to hospital. " He was there a few days in which even received a visit from Jesús Redondo, who some years before and until today, deals with keyboards Secrets. "I went to take a demo with the subjects that were recording at that time and was really well. I remember we were talking about an issue that had to change the tone. But it's what he had, which he entered a little depression was radical. We all caught by surprise, "he explains. "A clean year" The author of "Eyes of a lost" drug had a clean year because he intended to fight for custody of her four year old daughter and make a record with which to rebuild their lives. "The way in which he appeared, people think that at that time was a drug addict, but no. When he spoke of overdose, coroners did not differentiate between diazepam, morphine and other illegal substances. That night did not take heroin. Consumed some cocaine and, above all, pills prescribed by the doctor, "acknowledges Alvaro this newspaper, who had called the week before doctor to warn the family:" I see how well I'm afraid of having a relapse . It would have to be watched. " Enrique (right) and Javier Urquijo (left), with Pedro A. Díaz - ABC Alvaro Urquijo blames the hospital who attended the "administrative error" they committed, as they called it then: "He was so good it was for his own will, and no one will tell us. I do not imagine is that you give your documentation and the money we deposited as bail. It was a mistake and he thought, "Well, before I go home I'll give a tribute". And it came misfortune. " "I remember when I got home after the funeral, which was very tough adds Redondo-, I came to mind that I had to raise the tone of the song. And as the thought came to me was like a kind of hammer in me said, "not raise the pitch or lower it, this is over." But it did not end this time either. Secrets came together to make an album tribute to Enrique and a small tour to promote it. "The hidden purpose of this was simply to clean up the accounts of my brother, who had been very ill for the benefit of my niece Mary, who was then five years. To fix a little life, "he confesses the little brother that after the reception had those concerts, decided to continue ... again. Who said fear? "There were modern and yet were more modern than others, as demonstrated by the fact that forty years later still alive, despite the deaths," says Sabina.


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