Puigdemont lawyer in Spain believes that the pretrial detention "is sung" if he returns

The lawyer ceased president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont in the case against the Government by the referendum of October 1, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, said that "the detention is sung" to Puigdemont if he returns to Spain -this Monday it is in Belgium, where he has contacted an attorney experienced in political asylum. In an interview 8TV gathered by Europa Press, Alonso-Cuevillas criticized Monday the indictment filed by the state attorney general, José Manuel Maza, against Puigdemont and councilors of their Govern ceased to be "an exaggerated and unusual hardness" . "There should be admitted to process this complaint, but seen the background and vindictive attitude is quite clear jail" and added that if any lawyer had submitted the text instead of the prosecutor, no court would admit to proceeding. He also has accused prosecutor has been released the complaint with the heading 'The Harder They Fall', which indicates that the state seeks "a vindictive response" against the dome of the Generalitat ceased, and they are asked the same penalty for cases of terrorism and murder: 30 years in prison, he said. He insisted that there has been no crime of rebellion because the demonstrations in Catalunya have been peaceful -the offense calls for a scenario of violence- beyond the cars of the Civil Guard were destroyed during the rally outside the Ministry of Economy, in Barcelona, ​​and pointed out that the rapporteur who drafted this crime of the Criminal Code, Diego Lopez Garrido, no provision has occurred. On the complaint, he also lamented that "makes a forecast that if you fail the crime of rebellion because it is so forced, to see if it works sedition, but neither is given" in this case. As for considering violent concentration in which crystals cars Army, broke, has argued that "in the event that occurred Sunday in Barcelona -against independence-there was also violence and went against the Mossos "but that is not why a complaint against the organizers, SCC, or against political leaders Cs, PSC and PP that led prepares. Alonso-Cuevillas said he has spoken with Puigdemont at noon but had not told him she was in Belgium, what counsel has "learned from the press," or that he had contacted a Flemish lawyer to treat a hypothetical request asylum.


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