In the car of the future we will control the instrument panel with eyes

Electric, autonomous or assists numerous driving car, SUV and crossover segment sets the trends of engineers and designers when considering the car nearest future. Combining all these requirements Nissan presented at the Tokyo Motor Show prototype IMx, an electric 4-seater crossover that offers a fully autonomous driving and a range of over 600 kilometers. This prototype is based on the new specific platform for electric vehicles and incorporates two Nissan engines generating power 320 kWh and a pair of 700 Nm. The platform allows the floor is completely flat, which results in a large cabin. Thanks to its low center of gravity, chassis offers precisely that promises to redefine the crossover segment, as they say from the Japanese motoring. In addition to its exterior design, interior features a technology which sends. The heart of the IMx technology is the future version of PROPILOT, offering a fully autonomous driving. By selecting PROPILOT driving mode, the system folds into the dashboard steering wheel and resting every seat, so the driver has more space and occupants can relax and enjoy your journey. Selecting Manual driving mode, the vehicle returns the steering wheel and seats to its original position, returning control to the driver. Driving simulator of IMxTal and as we have seen in the driving simulator present at the Tokyo Motor Show, at the wheel of the car we have an overview of the entire environment, presided over by a "virtual" dashboard with a touch screen that covers the entire width of the car, and indications and signs of all kinds (eg, presence of pedestrians or speed limit signs) projected on the windshield. Panoramic OLED panel car instrument transmits a view of the outside environment. A separate screen, with wood grain pattern located below the instrument panel and extending to the interior trim of the doors transmits the occupants a feeling of like a shoji screen outside traditional Japanese paper. The diagonal pattern of the seats katanagare recorded using a laser cutter. The headrest, including kumiki pattern, a Japanese wooden puzzle, is made of silicone cushioning material and a framework created by a 3D printer. Instrument control panel with eyes Artificial intelligence allows the driver to control the instrument panel with eye movement and hand gestures. The intuitive interface means fewer physical controls and switches, so the interior of the IMx is simple but efficient. Continuous innovation by high capacity battery which can operate as virtual power plant to share power between the vehicle and the grid, and allows both wireless and conventional recharging. It is also a car ready for autonomous driving. For example, after leading the airport owner, the IMx can be parked only in a place where it can be connected to the local power grid and act as "virtual" power plant returning power to the grid. It is an extension of its functions Vehicle to Vehicle to Home and Building. When the owner returns, the IMx can pick you up at the terminal and take him home. The entire process is carried out efficiently, thanks in part to the increased battery capacity and technologies connecting the car, including the Autonomous Mobility constant.


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