Herwart storm left at least four people in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic

At least four people lost their lives Sunday to the passage of the storm Hewart by Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. In seven of the German states it was necessary to completely disrupt rail traffic, which will be restored over Monday as reported on Sunday "Deutsche Bahn". The lines affected are virtually all the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. And that we had to add this Sunday partial interruptions of public transport in Berlin and Hamburg, in addition to the closure of the port of the latter. Hamburg, firefighters had to serve about a thousand notices because winds up to 150 kilometers per hour tore root trees landed on highways, roads, vehicles or homes. In the port of Hamburg on the Elbe river it looked flooded when the water level rose 2.5 meters above the average level. Firefighters decreed a state of emergency and mobilized all volunteers in the surrounding regions, as in Berlin, where the wind toppled scaffolding in several works, causing dozens of injuries. Yet throughout the day on Monday strong winds will shift to the southwest are expected, but the German authorities consider that the worst is over and Sunday night lifted the decree alert. Storm 'Herwart "is the third violent windstorm this fall in northern Germany. A camper 63 drowned at being surprised by the tide on the coast of the North Sea and dozens of people were injured in traffic accidents, so the authorities decided to close the A11, A12 and B1 motorways in Brandenburg and close to Berlin, to avoid greater evils. The zoo was closed to the public and groups of animals were evacuated to nearby stables to avoid losses such as those caused in September by a previous storm that decimated the population of birds, especially flamingos. The winds also affected air traffic in other parts of Germany, including an Airbus A380 case of Lufthansa was forced to land in Stuttgart instead of in Frankfurt. The plane, from Houston, waited for an hour and a half to abate the wind, but finally had to be diverted for lack of fuel. In Poland, firefighters reported Sunday that had been involved in at least 1,200 cases. Heavy rains flooded many basements and multiplied blockades on roads and highways. A man also died in a car accident in Poland. In the Czech Republic, a woman died hit by a tree while strolling through the woods in Trebic and a man was also killed as a result of a tree falling in the small town of Jicin. Hundreds of thousands of homes have already spent two nights without electricity throughout the country.


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