Hamilton reaches the largest

The question seems appropriate if not for Formula 1 and demystifies the numbers sanctifies any other version. Is Lewis Hamilton the best driver ever? Or you may just consider the level of the greatest? Enthroned yesterday in Mexico with the fourth title, the English and only has two monsters ahead revered by the people of the F1: Michael Schumacher (7 championships) and Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio pioneer (5). Hamilton has already captured the "Professor" Alain Prost, who marked an era in the eighties and nineties with his cunning and coldness in calculating their legendary duels with Ayrton Senna, and Sebastian Vettel, who led a supersonic racing car (that Red Bull Newey) and linked four titles in succession between 2010 and 2013. Hamilton speaks for other figures. It is, with the ill-fated Schumacher, the leader of a wide range of parallel classifications condecoran the best drivers in history. Second in the list of victories (62 91 German) and podios (116 155), and is the first in history number of poles (72), in points scored (2578) and presences in the first line grill (117). Formula 1 is able to scrape off any details and statistics from Hamilton elevates to the altars their incontestable regularly as a perpetual occupant of the first places. Since debuting in 2007 (second in the row with Alonso) until yesterday, it has not been dominant down the ladder. His worst ranking in the World Cup is the fifth in 2009 and 2011 (McLaren) in eleven years. To reach the fourth pointes, Hamilton lived a stifling afternoon at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Mexico deserves those fun racing through the colorful, passion and enthusiasm transmitted every year. Sparks flew between the top three drivers of course, also owners of the top three starting positions. Verstappen and brushed Vettel into the first corner, Hamilton took the opportunity to slip and the reunion of the trio, the Ferrari Vettel hit the Mercedes crashed into English. Collision a blessed madness, chaotic and unpredictable race forcing a Vettel and Hamilton on a colossal comeback emerged. They were relegated to the last two places, the German with a damaged front wing and the British, with the right rear wheel tire. From the depth of the well, engineers, pilots and they took public calculators to unravel how far they would be able to get both riders depending on the pace and development of the grand prize. Verstappen, Intractable Intractable Verstappen in the lead with a superb pace in the Red Bull with Renault (the propeller mounted in 2018 Alonso's McLaren) motor. Very firm Bottas in second place with Mercedes. And, after 20 laps, Raikkonen third at 25 seconds of the next step. Too much distance to Vettel, almost a lost turn, and the need to finish at least second to defer alirón Hamilton. The English took it cautiously at first, while Verstappen folded in an unusual image. Bent, but with all the traces to be champion. Hamilton gave sight to the end: starred an outstanding climbing and, in particular, left to remember a duel with Alonso for old times. Soberbio the clash of the titans, the furious Spanish in defending his ninth. Until then she reached Hamilton, ninth. Enough. Vettel also did the film, the penultimate step to a fourth unthinkable square, shooting down pilots and setting fast laps. But it was so impossible misiónc and Germany came to where he gave the soul and Ferrari. He won the teen Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso retired meritorious got a tenth position.


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