Diary of a retiree in New York (39): Dark loneliness

Always medical appointments first thing in the morning, when still no light has sharpened their scalpels or nurse lulling her smile. Today played optician, friendly oriental and delicate that, knowing me, I talk about the last trip to Italy as I dazzles the eyes, turn around my eyes and blind my eyes with drops of darkness. Let me know a hint of cataracts, "normal thing at his age" and lack of vision in the left eye. It gives me appointment within six months. And I wish happy holidays. Go to the optometrist is remember my mother, poetry and Gabriel y Galán. My mother slept us as we sang, with his music, "My vaquerillo". It is the first poem that my brothers and I met and we know by heart. In my case poetry he sank their roots and stayed with me. Other poems that left their mark were: "The pedrada ',' What will" and "The embargo". Which takes the cake is "Blind" which, seen now, no longer a cruel poem, and usually some of the Gabriel y Galán. The most full of love ojazos were those of Rosa, radiating wrapped in deep thirst for life glares favorite haunt. I do not know what the two would be worth suffering: because Rosa was blinded one day stopped wanting her Vicente. ... And instead of death, one day a human voice came on the street Rosa said, "Well Vicente marries Juana." ... -¡Hermanito! Gracious! Gracious! What you want sister? 'I swear I adore Vincent and I do not want evil to Juana ... ...' It's not revenge; but hear me, son: What is it, sister? Come closer, closer ... 'And he said: Let him take out the eyes Juana ... I go out as if the day had been convicted and darkness embraced me to scratch my eyes!. Everything is out of focus: the buildings look rubber rain silhouettes pedestrians, cars passing packages quickly and myself loneliness dark groping. A little lost, because I'm without you, I take refuge in a cafe and let the shadow calm down and return the light that I need to keep looking at you and know you expect me.


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