Canary boxer Davinia Pérez, "the girl hammer 'super bantamweight world champion silver

Gran Canaria púgil Davinia Pérez, "the girl hammer" has proclaimed Saturday new world champion silver in the super bantamweight by winning the points split decision to Jorgelina 'Jota' Guanini, Argentina in the battle held in La Gallera of López Socas. Both local boxer trained by Jony Monzón as Suramericana, disciple of Xule Labrador, were used to fund the ten rounds of two minutes played on a warm evening, both on the weather and by public support of Gran Canaria its representative . Both pugilists imposed their strength to the technique in every round, with special mention of the beginning of the tenth and final, in which they went all out and staged an exchange of blows enfervorizó spectators who had gathered in large number in the sports arena of Las Palmas, not to the full. After the first two rounds of scoring in the third came the first clear Davinia hands, but the brave fighter Argentina did not flinch at any moment and posed tough battle to the end. Reading the cards of the judges raised the tension in the Gallera, which seriously rondo the possibility of a no contest occurs, although Gran Canaria fans erupted with joy when they learned that Davinia Pérez became the new world champion silver weight Super bantamweight the points, by split decision. In this regard, two of the three judges gave as winning the grancanaria púgil (96-95 and 98-92, and the remaining rival 97-93), which Davinia makes history in boxing Islands , being the first to get a silver world. Before this fight, the young local pugilist Aramis Torres and experienced Galician boxer Moncho Mirás clashed with the title of Spain flyweight at stake in a bout that was very even, to the extent paid off with zero and leave the vacant belt.


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