Atletico Simeone less wins and goals

Atletico Madrid has scored half of victories in the first 14 official matches last season five now ten then, in his least productive start of wins on Diego Simeone was also suffering its worst numbers scorers from arrival the technician. The draw on Saturday against Villarreal, the fifth in the seven most recent duels -only one of them resolved victory-and the eighth of the campaign, stressed several concerns team this year, despite the compelling match Atletico which lacked punch, matched punishable by a recurrent course. Rojiblanco feeling circulated around the goal that has lacked in his last commitments and almost since the campaign began, with few exceptions, like the five goals he scored to Las Palmas (1-5), the two managed Girona (2-2), both of which became effective against Sevilla (2-0) or two that beat Athletic Bilbao during his visit to (1-2). In those four games focuses eleven of his seventeen goals in the current season. The remaining six are distributed in wins against Malaga (1-0) and Celtic (0-1); in draws against Barcelona, ​​Villarreal and Elche, every one; and the defeat against Chelsea, with whom he fell in the Champions League 1-2. In four games he did not beat the opposing goal, all with the same outcome, the goalless draw while he misses most offensive forcefulness. A year ago, at this same stage of the season, he had scored almost twice as many, 30; for two, 22, for three, 25; for four, 30; for five, 35, six ago, when Simeone took over, 23 in his first fourteen games. One obvious difference while their defensive numbers are more evenly matched. Now he conceded nine goals. The past year had received seven; He makes two eight; three years ago, eleven; He makes four, ten, five years ago, eleven; and he makes six, six. Now he has left his steel net seven times. In 2016-17 he did in nine; in 2015-16 and 2014-15, eight; in 2013-14, in five, and in 2012-13, six times. Among those offensive and defensive records, Atletico suffered their lowest winning percentage of Simeone was the first fourteen games of a season. For example, a year ago he had won ten games, five now, with three draws in today- Eight and one defeat, it presented this campaign. In each of the previous seasons with the Argentine coach in front of his bench, Atletico had also scored more wins. In 2015-16 he had won these ochoduelos heights; in 2014-15 nine; in 2013-14, when he was champion of the league, eleven; in 2012-13, thirteen; and in his first fourteen crashes in 2012 as coach of Atletico had managed eight wins. Everything affects the current situation of the team in each of lastres competitions in which participates in the league and look alBarcelona eight points away in the Champions League takes a limit time against Qarabag and Roma in their next two shocks and the Copa del Rey has yet to resolve their tie.


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