Atletico continues its tradition

Barcelona were heavy ghosts. It was too long winless Atletico Madrid in the league championship since November 2014. It did in Cup last year to take the title, enough for Barca competitiveness. But Ángel Villacampa not left behind in ambition, with a triumphant career in the domestic championship: since May 2016 without losing a single game: 32 wins and only six draws. Seven, adding yesterday. Atletico because he grew pride and counteracted the goal of Andressa Alves with another Kenti Robles and a second part for framing. So that everything remains the same: draw six wins for each team, the leader Barcelona on goal difference; Atletico still has not lost in the league. And since they are 510 days. Are the two best teams in the league Iberdrola, imperial in their watchtowers, quarrelsome always in their clashes, fighting all the signings and all titles. On the budget, baggage and ambition, nobody in Spain were discussed, although in this takeoff of women's football teams are already approaching, they fight them control and points. But still they who they lead it. And in that respect the meeting began. No big occasions, but with equal forces and intentions of attack on every possession. In an action he would answer a reaction. He tied to energy, quality and delivery, the meeting broke for error: an accidental rejection of Kenti Robles who hit Meseguer and allowed Andressa Alves zap Lola Gallardo before the half hour. Villacampa had the reaction time, but found the spark needed to do damage to the opponent behind the rest of the first half. They failed to take the risk, although neither received, accommodated with both Barcelona. I be able to empower rojiblancas traditionally, we have weighed always the second part: since the year 2012-13 had unmarked Barcelona in the second act, diminished physical as the minutes pass. But Barca spurred both with vigor from the first minute to equalize the marker as soon as possible. They were not just three points was the leader of the League, the winning streak, athletic pride. Ludmila appeared to attack. In direct connection with Jucimara and Corredera on the wings. And harassment of Sandra Paños goal was constant. Brazil, Iberdrola League debutants, began to star in the most clear chances. Jucimara a deep pass left her alone before and after Cloths past the keeper ran out of space to finish. The first warning. Local requested a penalty by hand shortly afterwards. And just five minutes later, Kenti Robles gave the award with a goal by diving header after a corner to turn the meeting into pure spectacle of forces. Barcelona, ​​crouching, began to regain control, but found space in a railroad defensive rojiblanca, despite some scares starring Gallardo. In addition, he was expelled from Losada just ten minutes. And there was no power for more. The Fran Sánchez added his first draw after six wins, but leaders remain; and Atletico unbeaten strikeout a day at the Iberdrola League. "We had options, is a bittersweet point," admitted Robles. Atletico-Barcelona is, the more even the Spanish football classic.


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