"We are all Catalonia 'reads the manifesto here SCC concentration in favor of Spain

Catalan, Spanish and European: On October 8th we walked the streets of Barcelona hundreds of thousands of people shouting "Enough" and claiming "seny" sensibly. Then we ask the now former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and independentistas political parties not to give the leap, not to make a unilateral declaration of independence. They have not heeded our cries. Together for yes and CUP want to impose all Catalans social minority in Parliament and Catalonia intended as an independent state. But to build a new state needed more than 70 deputies. legitimacy is needed and have a genuine popular mandate. They dont have it. So they are given for absolutely frustrated his challenge. They can make all the statements they want and threateningly raise all control rods, but they should be aware that departed from the wrong premise. They have confused the nationalist minority in Catalonia and Catalonia is not the separatists. We are also Catalonia. We are all Catalonia! Here we are! -The Catalans are Spanish and want to remain so because we feel Spain as our country and we want to make it even more prosperous, just and socially advanced. -The Catalans look to the EU as our common project, to share with other European citizens. -The Catalans who do not renounce to be and we spoke in Catalan, Castilian, Aranese and many other languages ​​that have been incorporated into our daily living. -The Catalans from loyalty, respect and defend democratic institutions. -The Catalans defend and respect the rule of law, separation of powers and abide by judgments and not disobey. -The Catalans we end the separatist process and advocate for reconciliation between us. -The Catalans who do not speak of "Catalonia" and "Spain" as two different subjects and that we want a plural Catalonia in Spain that recognizes diverse. -The Catalans who defend the agreement and we are willing to consensus and reform, but without giving up the constitutional and statutory framework. It is time for the culture of the agreement and the first step is to reclaim and reach here in Catalonia. We do not want a Catalonia opposing sides of the language with which we identify; we do not want a Catalonia inside to give back to the Catalonia coast; Catalonia rich do not want to look over his shoulder the poor. Catalonia us all! The agreement is essential between us, the Catalans, and to achieve this it is necessary that the nationalists take what until now have not wanted to see: that non-nationalist inevitably also part of the solution. We now have a great opportunity. Holding regional elections in December will allow us to restore institutional normality and opens the stage for a renewed agreement to recover the strengthened and prestigious regional institutions and allow us to achieve a united Catalonia, without winners or losers. It's time to harmonize institutional Catalonia with the real, to work so that our institutions are a source of pride for all Catalans, whatever our origins, our language or our political sensitivity. Still time to build something tangible and positive, a Catalonia Spain a rich prosperous within an ever stronger European Union. We are all Europe! Long live the European Union! We are all Catalonia! Long live Catalonia! We are all Spain! Long live Spain!


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