A judge gives choice to minors: o Road or reformatory

The only two Jacobean (and papal canard) churches that are outside mainland are on the island of Gran Canaria. From one of them, the Santiago de Tunte, Judge Reyes put Marvel last Friday night at 22 youth aged 16 to 18 years enfilar his footsteps on a particular route to Santiago. They had to travel 45 kilometers over the weekend to complete the route and arrive at Canary Gáldar. "The result was amazing. Some ran to the finish line, others wept ... "says ABC Judge of the Juvenile Court No. 1 of Las Palmas, who accompanied his" sentenced "in the venture. Marvel begins at the end, because they say that "some endings are happy, others are just necessary". Well, at the beginning of this stage fifteen young start judicial measures imposed by the judge and seven others who were in distress. Young people have passed through the Court of Kings because they have committed property offenses or, in most cases, acts of domestic violence. So the judge has no qualms in admitting that "copied" the solution that told him one day another juvenile judge who respects, Emilio Calatayud, who already for 2004 dictated that the best measure to "redeem the punishment or penalty "for crimes committed was that young offenders who can still lead back on the road impregnasen the Jacobean spirit. And emulated said. The judge decided that had to change the way the reformatory for a few kilometers walk. "The Santiago is a path that transmits values ​​necessary for life. Whoever does the Way identifies his steps vital moments: no occasion for laughter, sometimes you pass bad, very tough stages, incredible ups and downs, "argues the judge. One of the young, Carlos Alonso, nods to note that the stage has been integrated, you think you should turn around his life. A famous quote known for many walkers since the Middle Ages have crossed the peninsula in the starry path is that "every pilgrim is on the Camino de Santiago your own miracle." Carlos seems to have already taken with yours. "I think the sentence (though I do not like anything that word) was a suit for these guys -asume the judge, you guys are not complete because they are failing in their social relations, or fails to education." That Jacobean suit was "convenient for these guys, because this activity was warned that life costs, it is necessary to strive for a goal, that life is to share and communicate," the judge, he saw with his own eyes welcomed what it was adults, children and even elderly problems, they decided to take the "traveler bordón" together. Many of them had threatened their parents. The initiative of the judge was an "opportunity" to "reestablecieran damaged bonding," says Reyes, who had help from the association "Up to you" to implement this educational judgment. In short, it is "learn the road together, he and his life," the judge added. Call for unity and coexistence in harmony that would not hurt to hear a handful of seniors.


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