37 canceled flights in Spain by French controllers strike

The airport operator AENA confirmed Tuesday that it has canceled 37 flights to or from Spain, of the 249 there is provided between the two countries, because of the general strike called for today in France, which have joined air traffic controllers . Sources of AENA noted, told Servimedia, the airport most affected so far has been to Barcelona-El Prat, with 19 cancellations, followed by the Airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, with eight cancellations and Zaragoza, Valencia, Sevilla, Mallorca and Alicante, with two cancellations each. For its part, Ático recognize a "significant impact" on operations because of the 5,000 flights and overflights scheduled for Tuesday, "they have been affected 2,000 flights, with different waiting times, cancellations or flight duration by choosing different paths. " Also they suggest that the impact is noticeable mainly in North-South flows "by the geographical location of Spain, where two thirds of the European movement we get along us." Sources Ático regretted that flights from the Canary Islands or Africa "must make a detour" to reach northern Europe, although he added that "as the day progresses, it is probably more stable both programming and regulation". The 28 cancellations so far indicated join the 106 flights to or from Spain to the Irish airline Ryanair announced Monday it was canceling. The airport most affected by the cancellation of the Irish company is Alicante, with 24 cancellations, followed by Barcelona-El Prat and Palma de Mallorca, with 16 cancellations each. Meanwhile, at the airport Barajas Adolfo Suárez Madrid 12 flights, 10 in Málaga and Murcia, and six in Ibiza, Valencia and Reus were canceled.


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